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Painting by our lovely Jean Oldfield

Bury CC at Radcliffe Community Group Sat 21st Jan


First social of the 2023 calendar year saw a fantastic turnout by Club members.
24 members braved the atrocious weather conditions.
An enjoyable evening was had by all
14 played 2 games and 10 played 3 games

Participants were
Lane 1 – Paul Kenworthy, Ken Anderton, Ged Smolskas, Gabi Smolskiene, Pat Lord
Lane 2 – Alan Driver, Lynne Driver, Ian Saunders, Bernard Lord, Phil Nuttall
Lane 3 – Richard Leach, Ken Eccles, Ruth Burnham, Margaret Anderton, Roger Schofield, David Barrett, Lynne Mather
Lane 4 – Roy Spencer, Duncan Meachin, Dawn Meachin, Barbara Young, Richard Harvey, Sheila McAnulty, Phil Mather

Highest score first game – Paul Kenworthy 116
Highest score second game – Phil Nuttall 132
Highest score third game – Alan Driver 129

2 game overall winner – Duncan Meachin 192
2 game overall runner-up – Roy Spencer 184
2 game overall third – Richard Leach 176

3 game overall winner – Phil Nuttall 369
3 game overall runner-up – Alan Driver 325
3 game overall third – Ged Smolskas 323

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone.
Big thankyou to Margaret Eccles for collating all the scores and to our Chairman Roy Spencer for taking the photos and presenting the prizes

Money raised on the night £22.50

Bring on the next social!!

Report by Phil Nuttall
Photos by Chairman Roy Spencer

Article from Croquet Gazette by Roy Spencer

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