Quiz Night @ WP Friday 10th November

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Quiz Night @ WP Friday 10th November

The club's annual Quiz Night was held on Friday 10th November, hosted by Anne & Chris Alvey, with 41 members & guests taking part. As ever an enjoyable evening, in addition to the quiz there was a raffle with pasty, peas and gravy in the interval. (Pictures below). This year a new team took home the trophy! SAMBA, with Barbara, Laura, Anna Duncan, Malcolm Daines and Anne & Simon Attwell – well done to them! Thanks to Anne & Chris for hosting and to members attending this important fund raising event for the club, which contributed over £500 (after costs) to club funds. (Thanks also to members who brought tins, packets & toys for the Trinity Food Bank appeal).

The WP Winter Work Day Saturday 11th November

The WP Winter Work Day took place on Saturday 11th November, providing an opportunity to ‘blow the cobwebs’ away from the previous night's enjoyment at the quiz. On a pleasant sunny day, as can be seen from the pictures a significant amount of work was achieved both within the club house and outside areas, thanks to the efforts of the 25 members taking part. Being held on Armistice Day, work was paused and a period of silence observed.

Internal Finals 2023

Sadly our scheduled ‘Finals Day’ planned for Sunday 1st October was a complete washout due to the very inclement weather causing the lawns to be waterlogged. Lawn inspection was performed at 7:30am by Roy & Phil, decision made by 8:00am to abandon proceedings for the day. We also decided not to try and hold the event later this year, but to ask the finalists to arrange a suitable date between themselves to play their finals, Roy and I attended where possible. There should have been another new discipline to this year’s competitions – Boules but unfortunately, some Boules players haven’t been successful in getting their matches played, so presently there are a few outstanding matches where it is uncertain whether they will be completed this side of Christmas. The following Finals were played on various dates mainly at WP with one at CP. Unfortunately I was unable to attend all the finals (apologies for that) A massive thankyou goes out to Ian Turrell for preparing the lawns, Margaret & Ken Anderton for ‘white lining’ and to Roy for attending every final to present the trophies to the winners.

AC Short Lawn – Vi Richards v Chris Alvey
Both Players started a bit nervy, with Chris settling down first. Vi gained confidence after running her first hoop and steadily proceeded to Rover. Back came Chris to put himself in control, only for Vi to battle back and narrow Chris’s lead. Both players had chances to finish, with Chris finally pegging out to win 14-11 to give him his first ‘internal’ comp title.

Golf Pairs Hi Lo Level Play Final - Best of 3 Sunday 8th 2023 October.
Ian Saunders & Lynne Gaukroger v Simon Attwell & Malcolm Daines

With the match played in good spirit on good lawns. The crowd were spellbound, aghast, excited by the jeopardy, “yahoos”, attack and not much defence. Comebacks from Ian & Lynne were reflected in close nail-biting scores of 7-6 and 7-6 as Simon & Malcolm held on to collect the Inaugural Trophy. As played without any handicaps or extra turns the audience could not always be certain who were the Lo’s and who were supposed to be the Hi’s. A welcome addition to the Club Internals but organising by 4 people does need co-operation.
Report Malcolm Daines

One Ball - Margaret Eccles v Gediminas Smolskas
This was a re-match of last year’s final with Margaret out for revenge. This was played at CP in sunshine and showers. First game Ged had the upper hand, keeping Margaret at arm’s length to take it 13-7. Second game started the same as the first, but then Margaret took total control to win convincingly 13-3. Deciding game was a brilliant tactical display by Margaret to keep Ged having to long hitting to survive, he tried valiantly but Margaret was too good to win the game 13-4 and take the title.

AC Full Lawn Handicap – Margaret Eccles v Jack Good
With Margaret on a roll from her one-ball, she took on ‘England’ player Jack. Having an opponent on negative handicap, was daunting, hence Margaret started very nervous trying to limit Jack to long hitting. But as Jack does, his accuracy was good and off he went all the way to penultimate hoop. However this seemed to spur Margaret on, slowly but calmly plotting her way to 4-back. Margaret continued to keep Jack at bay to build a substantial lead getting her second ball well established but at a cost of bisques. Finally Jack’s shooting was good which enabled him to get his second ball off hoop1 and glide his way round the hoops. Everything seemed to be under his control until he played a shot which resulted in him immediately calling for a referee. He sportingly brought to notice that he had ‘damaged the lawn’ whilst playing the shot. After stopping the clock for 10 minutes to allow the referee to consult the rule book, play was resumed by placing the balls back to their original position and ‘end of turn’ was called. Both players were happy with the decision. Margaret managed to get a bit closer to the finishing line but used all her bisques in doing so. Powerful hitting again by Jack got him to Rover with one ball and to peg. Nail-biting finale ensued with time being called whilst Margaret was on the lawn, she got through to peg to make the scores level and also setting herself up for golden hoop scenario, leaving Jack with a difficult long shot. He narrowly missed giving Margaret her chance to run the hoop and claim victory 24-23.

Golf Handicap Final – Duncan Meachin v Martin Doxsey
This match was played under the North-West Fed rules called ‘Advantage’ being trialled during the 2023 league season. Martin came out of the blocks quickly to overpower Duncan in game one to win 7-3. Second game was a complete turnaround with Duncan winning 7-2. Deciding game three saw Duncan dominate again to take the game 7-2 and the match.

AC Advanced – Ken Jones v Jack Good
Although a mild morning the lawns was bathed in quite a heavy dew. With Ken having no practice recently and Jack being on form this was a one-sided affair. Jack didn’t take too long to get going and set the table out to allow him to slide around the lawn to 4-back. He then proceeded to get his second ball round but broke down with a rare miss after hoop 3, this was Ken’s chance but unfortunately he failed on hoop 3. In stepped Jack to clean up giving us another master class which included 2 peels, the only surprise was that it took him two goes to peg out both balls. Victory to Jack 26-2.

Golf +8 H/c Final – Duncan Meachin v Lynne Gaukroger
Duncan started well and got an early lead. Lynne rallied back to close the gap but Duncan took his opportunities to claim the first game 7-3. Second game was a see-saw affair with both players having the lead, Duncan finished the stronger to win 7-4 to take the match and title.

Golf Level Play Final Best of 3 - Jack Good v Malcolm Daines Saturday 28th October
The match was 2 games of Jack being tooo Good, winning 7-3, 7-3. Malcolm did lead both games 1-0, but was assisted by starting with blue. From then on Jack entertained and thrilled all present with accuracy and power all over the lawn. FYI With handicaps of -3 & +3, "Advantage would give a much closer outcome."
Report Malcolm Daines with no complaints or whinging.

Full List of Winners
Golf Handicap...........Duncan Meachin
Golf 8+ Handicap........Duncan Meachin
Golf Level Play.........Jack Good
AC Short Lawn...........Chris Alvey
AC Full Lawn............Margaret Eccles
AC Advanced.............Jack Good
One Ball................Margaret Eccles
GC Level Doubles…Malcolm Daines & Simon Attwell

Many thanks to all players and non-players for helping to make this a successful season again.
Phil Nuttall

Report by Phil Nuttall

Short lawn AC - Bury v Llanferfechen 16th Sept 2023 @ WP

Bury – Barbara Young (2), Margaret Eccles (3), Phil Nuttall (3.5), Vi Richards (7)
LLanferfechen – Dave Harding (5), Fred Williams (8), Sarah Andrew (8), Elaine Crook (10)

Dry sunny day, mostly warm but with a cool wind, a few leaves needed to be cleared, many thanks to Simon Attwell for that, plus helpers on the day Ken Eccles and Roy Spencer.

Opening Morning games were all close encounters. Barbara getting the better of Sarah 13-6, Vi plotted her way to overcome Fred 14-9 which would became a critical result on the day as it was Fred’s only loss. Margaret & Elaine had a battle which went to Golden hoop after time was called, Margaret just edging it 9-8. Phil & Dave had a ding dong game which became a game of chess, both players getting to peg, Dave nicking it 14-12.

Second set of games –Fred blew Phil away 14-0, Dave was too strong for Vi to take it 14-5. Barbara overpowered Elaine 14-6. Another close game for Margaret against Sarah, with Margaret winning by 1 11-10 when time ran out.

Lunch – Bury 5 Llanferfechen 3

Afternoon – round 3 of games – Vi came out of the blocks quickly to beat Sarah 14-1, Elaine (who has only recently started to play AC) gave Phil a run around for most of the game, but just ran out of steam to let Phil overtake her to win 11-6. Fred & Dave were on fire quickly dispatching Barbara & Margaret 14-6, 14-3 respectively.

Final round of games – A repeat performance by Dave & Fred, both having convincing wins against Barbara & Margaret. Vi steadied the ship for Bury to beat Elaine 14-5. Final game was Phil against Sarah, this became a tense affair with both players having a chance to win it, but it was Phil who managed to get over the line 14-11.

Final score - Bury 9 Llanferfechen 7

Well done everyone, match played in good competitive spirit Many thanks to our opponents from Wales, it was a good close match with some great scoring from Dave & Fred particularly.

Report by Phil Nuttall

Anne Alvey wins All England AC Handicap Finals at Chester September 2023

How brilliant is our Anne!
She really deserves this trophy.
She is a fabulous player and is so brilliant to watch with her calmness and precise moves and shots.

From a field of 8, Anne won 4 out of her 5 matches including beating the runner up, to bring home the trophy for herself and the plaque for Bury Croquet Club.

Well done Anne!!
So proud of you!!
You are an inspiration.

Bury Croquet on Tour - Malta 10th-15th September 2023

Ten club members spent 5 days in Malta from the 10th September, as guests of Malta Croquet Club. A long-awaited trip that had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Members who visited: Roy Spencer, Margaret Eccles,
Ken Eccles, Lynne Gaukroger, Pat Lord, Bernard Lord, Vi Richards, Phil Nuttall, Helena Nuttall and our intrepid organiser Richard Harvey.

The croquet club is based at the magnificent Marsa Sports Club, which is also home to The Royal Malta Golf Club, Malta Cricket Club and a number of other sports. It has excellent facilities, bar, restaurant and lovely outdoor swimming pool and spa. We were honoured that the Sports club Chairman, Mr Godwin Borg, took the time to come down to the lawns to welcome us and watch some games on both days of our visit.

The croquet club has two full lawns that are situated on the perimeter of the cricket grounds and the members play twice weekly usually in the mornings.

On Sunday evening we were joined by 10 of the Malta members for drinks on our hotel roof pool area where we were formerly welcomed by Club Chairman Mike Tibbett.

On Monday morning we joined them at the lawns for informal friendly “acclimatisation” games to get used to both the lawns - and the heat! 31 DEGREES!!! Needless to say, some of the Bury squad were delighted to take advantage of the fabulous pool facilities!

On Tuesday we took an open top bus tour of the South part of the island.

We returned for more Croquet on Wednesday morning. Following an exchange of a flag and pennant, an informal doubles comp took place. Again, because of the heat, we played games of only 9 hoop - first to 5. It was organised by club vice chairman and club founder Douglas McQueen.

Whilst the Bury squad performed well in the heat and on unfamiliar lawns, the home side won by 3 games. However, a number of games were taken to the ninth (golden) hoop.

On conclusion of play the club members kindly hosted a very pleasant and relaxing lunch in the sports club restaurant.

More sightseeing on Thursday, and in the evening our hosts joined us for an excellent farewell dinner in a waterside restaurant.

This was a wonderfully well organised trip with great hosts, lovely friendly people who made us most welcome, much fun & laughter, enjoyable games of croquet and most importantly new friendships have been forged.

Thank you, Malta Croquet Club!

A.C Handicap Weekend League Southport v Bury Peelers Sat 2nd Sept

Southport team - Bill Nicholl (8), David Venables (14), Eileen Rositer (18) and Pauline Rooney (20)
Bury Peelers team - Richard Forman (4.5), David Barrett (4.5), Phil Nuttall (10) and Richard Leach (11)

Wall-to-wall sunshine was the order of the day.
Opening up was the doubles with David B and Phil taking on Bill and Pauline. Pauline soon got going with the help of bisques to build up some good breaks. Bill shortly joined Pauline as well, so between them gained a substantial lead which they kept when time was up to win 19-16.

Richard L against Eileen was a good contest with Eileen using her bisque advantage well. It needed some very good play by Richard L to get back in the game and close it out 26-19.

Last game of the morning session was David V against Richard F. This was an even closer game, David V having all the lawn time for the first two hours to build up a commanding lead. Finally some excellent long hitting by Richard F started the fight back, along with some much-needed lawn time. With David still in control and on the verge of victory, Richard F pounced on the mistake and took full advantage with a superb break culminating in going all the way to peg, to sneak a win 26-24.

At lunch - score - Southport 1 Bury Peelers 2

After lunch, single matches
The two David’s encounter was a very one-sided affair with David V winning quickly 26-2.

Eileen played Phil , her confidence grew as the match progressed to build up a good lead on Phil, Eileen's play got better once she had used up her bisques. Phil managed to claw back into the game but came up short when time was called. A good win for Eileen 17-15.

Pauline played Richard L, another close one, Richard L having to fight all the way to keep up with Pauline. Both players playing well but Richard L just nudging in front when time ended, a win for Richard 17-12.

Last game had Bill paired against Richard F, yet another game that could’ve had a different result. Bill having much of the early exchanges to gain a lead, which he managed to hold onto for majority of the game, but just like his morning game Richard F grabbed an opportunity and ran with it all the way to peg to win 26-18.

It was a definite day for the two Bury "Richards" to get the Bury team over the line.

Final result - Southport 3 Bury Peelers 4

Many thanks to Southport for their excellent hospitality and sportsmanship

Report Phil Nuttall

GC Fun Day Friday 1st September 2023 Whitehead Park

Around 35 members took part in the Annual GC Fun Day at Whitehead Park on a dry Friday 1st September. Many took the opportunity to wear bright clothing making for a colourful group, and whilst there was a little initial confusion things soon settled down things soon sorted themselves out and friendly – but competitive – games in a relaxed atmosphere and a FUN was had by all.

Thanks to Jean Hargreaves for organising a running the day supported by Sue Worth & Gail Burnett.

Due to members playing a different number of games, calculations resulted in a number of players with the same points in each section. So peg penalty shoot outs were necessary, followed by the ultimate winner of each section taking part in a penalty shoot out to decide the overall winner of the day with much encouragement from spectators – which was Helen Artingstall, congratulations to her.

The winners of each were:
Straight Bisques – Simon Attwell
Straight Line – Duncan Meachin
Double Evens – David Artingstall
Bonus Hoops – Steve Lent
Shoot out – Martin Doxsey
10 minutes – Helen Artinsgtall
OVERALL – Helen Artingstsall

All of whom received a token cash prize, some of which have been donated to Bury Hospice at request of the respective winners.

The event also raised £85 for club funds donated by members – thank you.

Photos by Ian Saunders


We were pleased to welcome two visitors from Australia to Whitehead Park on Tuesday 29th August 2023, Peter & Tracey Long who are members of Forster Croquet Club, New South Wales. The couple are visiting a number of Croquet clubs in the UK during their trip, enjoyed playing a number of games with members. We look forward to seeing them again.

Weekend AC h/c league Fylde v Bury Peelers Sunday 20th of Aug

Fylde team: Andrew Web (4.5), Liz Wilson (5), Betty, Bates (9), Ian Theakston (8) Bury Peelers Team: Paul Kenworthy (1), Phil, Nuttall (10), Richard Leach (11), Margaret Eccles (12)

For once we had dry warm conditions which turned into very warm for the afternoon session.

Opening matches
Liz and Ian paired against Paul and Phil in the doubles. Early stages saw Ian take control and comfortably get to penultimate. Paul was next to build a decent break to narrow the gap. Liz and Phil took a backseat, but eventually both managed to get some hoops on the board with Phil getting a few more to give them the lead when time called 21-17.

Andrew gave Richard 6.5 bisques, which enabled Richard to score steady and keep in front of Andrew for the duration of the game to win 22-19.

Final game of the morning Betty took on Margaret, slow steady play by both of them, both managing to build good breaks. Another close game with Margaret edging it 18-15.

At lunch, Fylde 0 Peelers 3

Afternoon session of singles
Liz played Phil (5 bisques). This was a scrappy affair with neither player starting well. Finally, Phil started to string a run together and build a handsome lead but at the end was hanging on as Liz came strong in her final go to make the scoreline close Phil winning 25-20.

Betty played Richard, another close game. Both playing well, Betty taking control and looking favourite, but Richard took advantage of an opening and closed out the game 26-23.

Ian played Margaret, again both players started well with Margaret holding Ian at bay, final flourish by Margaret saw her over the line to win 26-17.

Final match-up was between the 2 low handicappers, Andrew v Paul. Andrew had far the better exchanges overall, building up a substantial lead, but some long accurate hitting and good decent hoop breaks kept Paul in the game. In the latter stages Andrew was hot favourite as he had a big lead. With time being called during Paul’s last effort and everyone watching, Paul went into overdrive and superbly steered his ball around the lawn to overhaul Andrew and clinch the game, 24-23.

Final score: Fylde 0 Bury Peelers 7

The score line doesn’t reflect how close this match really was. Many games could have been very different.

Many thanks to Fylde for their sportsmanship and hospitality .

Report Phil Nuttall.


4 players:
Chris Alvey (8), Richard Leach(11), Anne Alvey(12), Chris Williamson (22)

Thankfully, no rain all day, although a few gusts of wind.

Round 1 - saw the two Chris' matched up. Chris W having a 14 bisque advantage which he used wisely along with his steady play to build a good lead and got his first ball to peg. Chris A slowly started to eat into this lead and cleverly enticed the rest of his opponents bisques to be used. Chris A took advantage to close out 26-18.

Anne played Richard, this was a masterclass from Anne, totally dominating the match winning 26-1 with an hour left on the clock.

Round 2 - After lunch saw the match-up between the 2 winners of Round 1 Anne Alvey v Chris Alvey. Again Anne was on form, building up good breaks everytime she came on the lawn to peg out again well before time to win 26-10. Richard took on Chris W, a much more closer affair with Chris W getting plenty of time to build a decent break, but at a cost of bisques, which latterly cost him the game as Richard fought back to run out at 22-14 when time was called.

Small break for some refreshments before the final third round.

Round 3 - Richard took on Chris A, showing plenty of confidence and skill to build up a lead early on, but that lead was shortened by good breaks from
Chris A. Richard held on to win pegging out 26-20.

Finally, the last game was between Anne and Chris W. Chris W again took control early on and got hoops on the board with good use of his bisques. Anne didn't have control of the game like her previous 2 games but managed to fight back. Unfortunately Chris W had a sticky patch where he used up all his bisques for little advantage, which allowed Anne to use her expertise to nudge infront 18-16 when time ran out.

Final Standings:
Anne Alvey (winner) 3 wins
Richard Leach 2 wins
Chris Alvey 1 win
Chris Williamson 0 wins

Well played everyone!!

Congratulations to Anne, she now goes forward to the final at CHESTER in Spetember.


Report Phil Nuttall

Handicap AC weekend – Chester v Bury Peelers at Chester 13th August

Chester team – Robin Tasker, David Guyton, Brian Walton and Helen Broply Peelers team – Paul Kenworthy, David Barrett, Phil Nuttall and Richard Leach

A wet welcome to Chester, heavens opened on arrival and got heavier as we played the first set of games.

The morning session saw David B & Phil overcome Robin & Helen in a low scoring doubles game.

Richard used his bisque advantage well and was just too strong for Brian. Paul had a ding dong match against David, winning on the golden hoop giving Bury a 3-0 lead at the lunch interval.

Lunch – Chester 0 Peelers 3

Afternoon singles session – This turned out to be another good session for Peelers.

Phil narrowly defeating Brian 18-14

The two David’s match up was a massive win for David G for Chester.

Richard narrowly defeated Helen 14-12.

Final match-up was the battle of the two low handicappers Robin against Paul, this was another see- saw match with Paul edging it 23-22 to give Bury a convincing victory.

Final score – Chester 1 Bury Peelers 6

Very enjoyable day, despite the early downpours, many thanks to our hosts for their hospitality.

Report by Phil Nuttall

Caesars vs Fylde 12th August @ CP

A cloudy start that quickly turned to rain saw Caesars at home to Fylde. The doubles in the morning saw Betty run to river using 2 of their 5 bisques, Chris managed to even the score and Tony chipped away at Fylde eventually winning the match. Roger had arrived with his hand strapped and a missing mallet so was playing with a club one, with 14 bisques stacked against him he lost his mornings match whilst Anne went on to win making the score at lunch 2-1.

The afternoon saw Tony taking on Andrew and winning whilst Roger had selected a different mallet which obviously suited his game and beat Betty.

Chris was trailing against Alan for virtually the whole match but 2 peels and a late show of form managed to finish +3 on time and Anne narrowly lost by 1.

Caesars last match of the season finished 5-2 to Bury

Report by Chris Alvey

Jack Good & Will Gee win National GC Doubles 29/30 July

Jack teamed up with Nottingham's Will Gee to compete at Nottingham over the weekend. Due mainly to the 150+ point increase in Jack's DGrade over the last month they were the top seeds. Saturday saw them undefeated in 7 rounds of the pre-drawn Swiss with all but one game on the new (west) lawns.

With lots of upsets elsewhere Sunday saw them play the 2nd seeds in the quarter-finals, where they beat Jenny Clarke & Richard Bilton in straight games. The semi-finals saw the same score against Jack Wicks & Albie Willets. After a 3 hour wait for the other semi to finish (and the rain to arrive), Jack & Will beat Nick Archer & Jason Carley 2-0 in a very wet final.

Overall a quite good July for Jack - undefeated in the Inter-Club at Chester, undefeated in the Cheshire Open, part of the winning England team in the AC McWeeney, winning the Nottingham Ascot and finishing with this win.

Report Graham Good

Defibrillator installed at WP

Bury North v Fylde Coasters Saturday 29th July

Result Bury 12 Fylde 6

Players: Gill Freely, John Cassell, Norman Averill & Bernard Lord

This was a competitive and friendly game reflected in the lunchtime score being level.
However, Bury came out fighting fit and ready to go.
It was an all round performance good results from all players.

Report Bernard Lord

Longman Cup national quarter final at Fylde CC Sunday 23rd July
On Sunday 23 July the Bury team were (quarter) finally overcome by a strong Fylde team and some horrendous weather. The result was a 2-4 defeat with the final game abandoned due to unplayable conditions.

We arrived in Fylde, near Blackpool, to find the lawns extremely wet but just about playable. In the morning singles, Chris Alvey (handicap 8) lost 11-26 to the in-form Fylde captain Phil Snowden (also handicap 8). Anne Alvey (12) had better fortune against Betty Bates (9) - Anne used her 3 bisques to establish a slender lead which she maintained throughout the game, despite a spirited fightback by Betty, and eventually won 21-18.

In the doubles Ken Jones (3.5) and Richard Leach (12) were giving away 7 bisques to their longer handicapped opponents Ian Theakston (9) and Barry Broughton (20). Barry made a good early break to the peg, using only 3 bisques, then some sound tactical play from the Bury pair restricted Ian to only 4 hoops while using up the remaining bisques. Ken and Richard slowly hauled in the deficit, but heavy rain made the lawn like a sponge and very unpredictable, so they were unable to make any decent breaks and lost 12-16. Lunch score was 2-1 to Fylde.

The afternoon session was in doubt, but sterling work from the "water sweeper" teams cleared surface flooding to allow play to start. On the drier lawn Betty made several short breaks against Chris to build and maintain a comfortable lead and win 26-13 before the heavens opened again. Shortly afterwards, Anne recorded her second victory of the day against an out-of-form Ian who felt he could not continue in the sodden conditions and conceded to give Anne a victory 18-7. Score now 3-2 to Fylde.

Meanwhile both games on the "clubhouse" lawn had stopped, as standing water made the lawn unplayable. After some discussion and more impressive "water sweeper" activity, both games were transferred to the sodden, but just about playable, "drier" lawn. Barry used his 8 bisques wisely against Richard, making 2 or 3 hoops each time to build a big lead and eventually won 26-6 despite atrocious conditions, to win the match 4-2 for Fylde. The final game between the two captains was abandoned as the lawns were under water in parts and definitely unplayable.

In over 40 years of playing croquet I have never experienced such wet conditions, but the tight schedule for this National tournament meant postponement was impossible. It is to the great credit of the Fylde team and their supporters that we were actually able to play at all.

Report Ken Jones

Bury Croquet Club welcomes a full house.
CA Bury Golf Croquet ‘C’ Level 19 th July at Whitehead Park welcomed 12 (northern) players with good weather for croquet. Divided into 2 All Play All blocks of 6 players.

Block A yielded 2 clear winners of local lad Ian Saunders and Robert Strover (Bishop Monkton & winner at Nottingham the week before.)

Block B was closer with Sarah Clements of Chester with local lass Vi Richards progressing to the semi final.

The semi-final of Sarah & Robert went the all the way to the golden hoop with Sarah edging it 7-6.

For the locals, Ian & Vi was close, finishing 7-5 in Ian’s favour.

The final for Sarah started well & continued with accuracy against Ian to win the Eagle Trophy.

The crowd moved to adjacent lawn to see the enthralling 3 rd & 4th playoff game of Vi (7) & Robert (4). The score does not do justice to the closeness of it.

FYI 50% of the games were decided by two or less hoops.

FYI The block game of the Long Distant travellers Chris Williamson (Penrith & Bury) versus Paul Galley (Crake Valley) yielded a lopsided result but both ended with respectable records of win 3 lose 2.

FYI John Crossland (Referee) brought a bit of “gravitas, clarity and glamour” that “us lesser mortals” do not get to experience very often. Thank you John.

The club will be pleased to see all again next year for the C level AND OR the B Level.

For club players David A, Norman A, Roy S, Simon A, Helen & John C this was an “initiation” into the National Tournament environment. Gaining victories and experience. The club appreciates your volunteering, perseverance and effort. Daunting . . . . no problem.

Thanks to the back-room staff in the days before - tidying up the surroundings etc.

Tournament Manager David Barrett kept the proceedings on track. Not easy with many 1 st timers.

The back story :
Credit to Lynne C-M who withdrew to allow the maximum of 12 players. Sue W kept the scores, see the results of her work online:

Event 605 Bury C-Level Series in 2023 (worldcroquet.org) and Bury C level National Qualifier - Croquet Scores

Gail B & Jean H - so no one got lost or left out.

New photographer required. . . . . . .

It is not every day of the week that an International Referee comes to Bury Town.

Report Malcolm Daines


Gary Neville's Overlap on Tour visits Bury Croquet Club

Bury Croquet Club recently welcomed 3 former international footballers and well known football pundits, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher & Roy Keane to their Whitehead Park, Bury lawns who to film the finale episode of a four part series “The Overlap On Tour Live” (see trailer below).

The famous trio were joined by ‘Handsome’ Bob O’Donovan, an old team mate of Roy Keane who flew from Ireland to take part in the programme. Gary Neville lived across the road from the croquet lawns and played bowls there with his grandfather & father when it was a bowling club.

None of them had played croquet before and were given some basic coaching by Club Chairman Roy Spencer with assistance from other club members. The foursome then played a competitive game suitable attired in appropriate club colours and croquet attire.

Roy Spencer said that it was a great thrill for the club to welcome these highly talented well known sportsmen to the club. Initially it was a little daunting when I was asked to referee the game but it was played in great and competitive spirit. However I did learn what it’s like to be an international football referee when a disputed decision resulted in all four of them making their feelings know – close up and personal!

The programme, which is one of Sky TV’s most popular shows, was aired on 5th July on Sky Max, & Sky Showcase, also available on Sky on Demand on Now TV, gave quite extensive cover of the game of croquet – albeit a rather unusual one!

Following the game, Gary, Jamie & Roy then went on to appear in the live sell out show at Manchester Apollo at which the filming at Whitehead park was featured.

Club Chairman Roy Spencer explains rudiments of croquet.
The visitors with some Bury Club members involved on the day.
The Overlap on Tour Trophy that was presented to the winning pair.

For further information or photographs please contact:

Roy Spencer

Please follow link below for program trailer

Bury North v Pendle Sunday 16th July @ CP
Bury N 13 Pendle 5

All round team performance with acknowledgement to Richard who won in the doubles and all his singles.

This was the third match this month with another coming on the 29th against Fylde Coasters.

Report Bernard Lord

35th Anniversary BBQ Sat 15th July
The weather was not our friend this day but you can't keep a Bury Croquet member down.
Many brave souls fought against the pouring rain to celebrate our anniversary.
Despite the rain we had a fun time and the food was brilliant.
People brought their own burgers/sausages etc to cook plus we had a Jacob's Table of cakes to share.
Ian Saunders brought his air fryer and a mountain of chicken wings which were devoured by all and yummy they were too.

Bury North v Westmorland @ Westmorland Thursday 13th July
Result was Bury win 13 : 5

Everyone contributed to this emphatic victory but the Westmorland team went down fighting hard. We had a get together after the match enjoying Levens Hall ice cream kindly bought by John Cassell.

Beautiful surroundings gave a dramatic back drop plus visitors stopped to watch the game.

Report Bernard Lord

Ainsworth Village Day Bury Croquet Club 8th July

This year for the first time the club was invited to take part in Ainsworth Village Day on Saturday 8th July 2023.

We took advantage of this networking opportunity and had a display area, with a few hoops. Whilst the grass was a little long some visitors gave it a go, with 5 signing up for a free taster session at the club.

The event was well attended and only the occasional rain shower intervened.

The event was filmed and can be seen on Today in Radcliffe YouTube channel (see link below)

A great profiling event for the club.

Thanks to club members who supported the event and assisted.

Report Roy Spencer

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Longman Cup @ Westmorland 2nd July

Bury march forward to a second consecutive national quarter final in the Longman Cup

On Sunday 2 July the Bury team headed north to play our second round Longman Cup match (a national AC competition) against Westmorland CC. The 'excitement' started when we found the M6 closed following a serious accident involving a milk tanker. This entailed a significant delay and late start, reducing each game to the minimum 3 hour time limit.

In the morning session Chris Alvey (handicap 8) had a high standard game against Westmorland's top player Sue Pritchard (11). Sue had 3 bisques and used the first two to build a good lead, which Chris quickly countered with some tight and accurate breaks. Sue then missed a short shot while taking her final bisque, allowing Chris to gain the initiative and win 26-20.

Anne Alvey (12) fully justified her recent handicap reduction in a tight game against Robert Harvey (14). Anne steadily pulled ahead and, despite a dramatic final turn fightback by Robert, eventually won by a single hoop 18-17.

In the doubles Ken Jones (4) partnered Richard Leach (12), playing in his first ever Longman Cup match, against the Westmorland captain Mike Hodgson (16) and his partner Phil Hyman (also 16). The Bury pair played a careful tactical game as they had to run down their opponents' 8 bisques as efficiently as possible. Ken dictated the tactics and Richard made crucial long hit-ins to ensure the Bury pair stayed ahead throughout the game, eventually winning 18-14.

At lunchtime Bury held a 3-0 lead

The afternoon games swung dramatically towards Westmorland! In the top match Sue played some high standard croquet and used most of her 7 bisques to build a significant lead against Ken, who had a good well-controlled break near the end of the game. This was not sufficient to catch up and Sue won 26-14.

In the second game Chris and Robert exchanged good accurate shots and sound hoop running for the first hour, but Robert then steadily gained the upper hand to finish with a good win 26-16. Bury were now only ahead 3-2 and all would depend on the final two games.

In the fourth game Richard, showing no nerves in his first match, made an outstanding start against Mike by running the first 8 hoops in a single turn to reach hoop 9 within the first 15 minutes. Richard continued playing steadily and carefully, increasing his lead and quickly running down his opponent's 4 bisques, to record a comfortable win by 26-11 and win the match for Bury.
What a start from our rookie!

The third game was a tight tactical battle between Anne and Phil. Anne could not quite maintain her morning form and Richard eventually prevailed 14-10. The final result was a win for Bury by 4 games to 3. We now look forward to the quarter final against Fylde in a few weeks' time. (Sadly the M6 was still closed on our way south and an anticipated 75 minute return journey turned into one of three and a half hours. It's a good job we won. :-)

Report Ken Jones

Bury North v Fylde Falconers @ CP 2nd July

Sorry to say Bury North lost 6-12 yesterday against Fylde Falconers.

The team found it too difficult to overcome the high handicaps of 10,10,11 and 12 especially since the opposition were better than their handicaps.

Report Bernard Lord

Midweek AC Handicap Fylde v Bury @ Fylde Thurs 29th June

Fylde team: Andrew Webb, Ian Theakston, Philip Bass & Catherine Bass
Bury team: David Barrett, Tony Philips, Roger Schofield & Margaret Eccles

Ian and Cath took on David and Roger
In the 4th turn Ian started taking bisques to get his break going but it took 7 bisques to get his ball round Bury found it hard to respond on the slow undulating court Cath used her remaining bisques well to run out +4 on time.

Andrew was on fire and quickly demolished Tony +18

Philip and Margaret both struggled with the conditions with Philip managing to get his nose in front to win +2 on time.

Half time Fylde 3 Bury 0

It was decided at dinner time to swap courts David and Roger to go to the even slower court.

David took the innings and started the scoring but could not get a break together. Andrew hit in and started an all round break held up by Philip playing much slower till he did an over taking manoeuvre between 4 and 5. David was unable to respond so Andrew was quickly round again to win +24

Philip started his break straight away but it took 1 hour and 12 bisques to run 11 hoops. This put time pressure in Roger and bisque pressure on Philip. Philip was soon out of bisques for Roger to win +13

Ian again used his bisques early against Tony but fell short for Tony to run out on the not quite as slow court +8

Catherine with her 14 bisques was not equal to Margaret with her 4 bisques. Margaret established a lead that was never in doubt to win +6 on time.

Fylde 4 Bury 3

Report Roger Schofield

Annual Festival of Croquet Southport & Birkdale Croquet Club 24th/25th June.
Around 18 club Members took part in the NW Fed Annual Festival of Croquet at Southport & Birkdale Croquet club on weekend of 24th/25th June.
The club fielded teams in all 5 disciplines, starting on a gloriously sunny Saturday, however whilst Sunday started out reasonably well the forecasted storms transpired and the last few games took place in torrential rain, the lawns just about runnable.
Remembering it is a festival of croquet and not a tournament, 4 clubs were joint second with 93 festival points, Bury, Bowdon, Fylde & Llanfairfechan. The overall winners being Pendle with 105 points.
In the handicap golf Bury & Fylde both achieved 7 out of 9 wins, however Fylde beat Bury by one hoop in their match so they were awarded the GC handicap shield.
In the Advanced Association section Bury & Llanfairfechan won 3 out of 5 games, Pendle taking away the shield.
As ever a well organised and run event and our thanks go to the organisers and Southport & Birkdale C C.
Thanks also due to Phil Nuttall for organising the Bury entry and coordination with the organisers.
Southport weekend is about fun and friendship, and a number of players stayed overnight and enjoyed evenings out, organised by Margaret Eccles and thanks to her for doing so.
It is also a great opportunity to meet up with old and new friends from other clubs in the NW Fed.

Report Roy Spencer

AC Short Lawn match Bury and Bowden Saturday 3rd June @ CP
Bury – Tony Philips 1, Barbara Young 2.5, Richard Leach 4, Vi Richards 8
Bowden – Lorna Frost 3, John Lambie 3.5, Cas Sinclair 4, Margaret Moss 10

A sunny and hot day greeted the teams at Coronation Park, Bury. Bury got out of the blocks fairly quickly with 3 wins out of the first four games to be played. This set of results were replicated in the second set of four matches. Score after 8 games Bury 6 Bowden 2.

In the afternoon the first set of four games were shared with both teams getting 2 wins apiece leaving the score Bury 8 Bowden 4. This meant that the worst end result Bury could accumulate was a tied game but only if Bowden found a way to win all of the remaining 4 matches. Fortunately for Bury that wasn’t to be the case with Bury getting a clean sweep in the final round of 4 matches. However the match between Richard Leach and Cas Sinclair was very close and could easily have gone to Cas. After the first three balls were on the lawn Cas made a break on turn 4 taking her second ball round to peg through the use of 1 bisque. On turn 5 Richard took his first ball round to peg without any bisques but left the wrong one of Cas’s balls near the peg meaning he wasn’t able to peg her ball out. On turn 6 Cas used her remaining bisques well but hit misfortune by hitting the outside of the hoop leg on hoop 6 leaving Richard with a chance to take the match. On turn 7 Richard used two bisques to take his second ball round to peg and then another bisque to peg out and take the match.

Final score Bury 12 Bowden 4

Thanks to Bowden for providing good competition and congratulations to Barbara Young who managed to trigger a handicap change from 2.5 to 2 as a result of her performance in the match.

Report Richard Leach

LONGMAN CUP ROUND 1 - SUNDAY MAY 21st at Coronation Park

Following our strong run to the semi final of last year's national Longman Cup tournament, we had a tough draw against Bowdon in the first round this year.

The tournament is played as Association Croquet and is for teams of four, with a doubles and two singles in the morning followed by four singles in the afternoon. It is played on handicap and there are some restrictions on the handicaps of the players.

MORNING SESSION. Ged Smolskas (handicap 3.5) put in a strong performance against John Lambie (11), rapidly running down his opponent's bisques and winning 26-17. Chris Alvey (8) had a similar game against Louise Cheyne (14), ending with a strong win 26-11. The doubles was much closer; Ken Jones (4) and Anne Alvey (14) received 2.5 bisques from their opponents Adrian Apps (3.5) and Mike Flannery (10), but Ken's normally sound tactical play deserted him and the bisques went quickly and cheaply. As time was called the scores were level, and it was Bowdon who won 19-18 on sudden-death 'golden hoop'. Bury ahead 2-1 at lunch.

AFTERNOON SESSION. Ged had a high class encounter in the top match against Adrian, with both players making good breaks early on. Ged then risked taking his first ball to the peg, but Adrian managed to follow suit and pegged Ged out before eventually winning 26-19. Score now 2-2. In the second game Ken played rather better tactically and had a good win against Mike by 26-13. In the third game, Chris had a close game against John and held his nerve to win 26-20 and win the match for Bury. In the final game Anne had a very close game with Louise, losing by a single hoop 14-15.

Match result: Bury beat Bowdon 4-3

Report Ken Jones

Secretary Shield Bury Ceasars v Middlesbrough @ CP Sunday 28 May

A sunny day with Middlesbrough visiting CP to play the first round of the Secretary’s Shield.

A team of Tony, Ged, Anne and Chris took the match 6-1 overall. With 2 wins for Ged, a win in the doubles for Chris and Tony (plus one on time). In the afternoon, Chris managed to win having trailed for 2 hours in his match peeling the last 2 hoops and pegging out to win.

Anne and Tony went to the wire, both playing for Golden hoop and both coming out triumphant.

Catering for the day was provided by Anne with the lasagne, salad and Garlic Bread and a trifle from Tony. Whilst the S Shield does not provide catering in general, we didn’t like to think of them coming all that way and not being looked after at Bury. A good days play in a friendly atmosphere… now on to round 2!!!

Result Bury 6, Middlesbrough 1

Report Chris Alvey

NATIONAL CROQUET DAY Whitehead Park, Saturday 27th May

On a gloriously sunny day the club continued to celebrate it’s 35th anniversary year with our annual open day as part of National Croquet Week and welcomed approximately 60 visitors.

The event was opened by the recently inaugurated, The Worshipful Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Councillor Sandra Walmsley, along with Consort Mr James Bentley.
Both tried their hand at running a few hoops guided by Barbara Young and thoroughly enjoyed themselves – on her Twitter page Cllr. Walmsley stated that they “had a wonderful day and are now croquet converts!”.

Other visitors included Bury North MP, James Daly, Elton Ward Cllr. Martin Hayes, North Manor Ward Cllr. Liam James Dean all of whom enjoyed a game of croquet. James Daly did an intro to a video (see link below) which featured the day with excellent overhead shots and visitors taking part.

Thanks are due to Les Stott of LMS Video for his time and excellent production. The event was covered in The Bury Times digital edition which can be seen on link below. A number of visitors signed up for taster sessions. Adding additional excitement to the day was a flyover of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight taking part in the ELR 40’s Weekend.

This year following the sad loss of long- standing member and friend Susan Hardman to Motor Neurone Disease, takings on the door and a t-shirt raffle, along with member donations raised £320.55 which will be donated to the MND Association.

In addition, after expenses, £325 was raised for club funds from stalls & refreshments.

Overall, a very pleasing and successful day enjoyed by all, not only bringing in funds and potential new members but good PR for the club, and thanks are due to all members for their support and generous donations of raffle prizes and hampers.

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B Level AC – Bury v Chester @ CP Sunday 27 May

Bury team – Paul Kenworthy 1 Ged Smolskas 3.5 Phil Nuttall 10
Chester team – Elmyr Hughes 1 David Boyd 5 Brian Walton 6

Weather was very warm with clear skies and hardly any breeze.

In doubles Paul & Phil took on David & Brian. Nobody made any big breaks but Paul eventually ran rover putting the match very close to level on hoops. A few tactical leaves and rushes set to hoops allowed Phil to run enough hoops to give Bury the win 17 - 11.

Ged played Elmyr in a close match. However Elmyr finally won +3.

So Bury 1 Chester 1 going in for lunch.

Paul played Elmyr in a game of many blobbed hoops. Elmyr's steady play meant he won 18 - 8.

Ged played David and showed his usual form winning +18.

Phil played Brian in a cat and mouse game that Brian won +2 which is credit to Phils play with his higher handicap..

So 2 afternoon games lost giving:- Final Score:- Bury 2 Chester 3

Reporter Paul Kenworthy

GC Level Play match @ Chester 24th May 2023

Chester – Rick Davies 5, Christine Thomas 5, Kerry Dadson 6
Bury – Richard Leach 3, Ken Eccles 4, Ian Saunders 7

A warm but very breezy day greeted the teams at Chester. The opening set of three matches were shared with Chester taking 2 and Bury claiming 1 though even the single win by Richard Leach could easily have gone the other way with Christine missing several hoops from positions around 2 or 3 yards out almost straight in line with the hoop including 2 attempts on the golden hoop. The second set of three matches was a clean sweep for Bury as Richard, Ken and Ian appeared to get accustomed to the sloppy lawns of Chester Croquet Club. However in the third round of matches Chester reversed the result of the second round by claiming a clean sweep of their own. Score after 9 games Chester 5 Bury 4.

In the afternoon the match changed dramatically as Chester came out of the blocks very quickly and took 7 out of the remaining 9 matches with only Richard and Ian managing to claim wins in rounds 5 and 6 respectively.

Final score Chester 12 Bury 6

Thanks to Chester for their hospitality and congratulations to Ian Saunders who managed to trigger a handicap change from 7 to 6 as a result of his performance in the match.

Report: Richard Leach

Midweek Match Bury at home to Bowdon 24th May 2023

Bury team
David Barrett, Roger Schofield, Margaret Eccles, Richard Leach

Bowdon team
Nigel Mathews, Adrian Apps, Louise Cheyne, Cas Sinclare

David and Richard took on Adrian and Cas in the doubles. Adrian’s ability to hit in at distance gave Bowdon the lions share of the innings making things hard for Bury. Bowdon running out the winners +4.
Louise established a good lead with the good use of her bisques and Roger took too long to respond. Bowdon +2 on time.
Nigel played very well against Margaret to win +10.

In the afternoon

Nigel put on a repeat performance to beat David +20.
Roger struggled against Adrian’s good hitting in and his own inability to get his second ball going Bowdon +7 on time
Louise played well again and with her extra bisques beat Margaret +20
Richard took the lead but Cas kept coming back at him until he pegged out to win +3 saving us from a whitewash.

Result Bowdon 6, Bury 1

Report: Roger Schofield

Bury CC Weekend Visit to Cober Hill 19th-22nd May 2023

Well what a lovely weekend and what a great time was had by all. The hotel has been spruced up and it’s looking really really nice. The food was fabulous and the gardens were resplendent and the staff so helpful and pleasant. We played and played croquet and everything went to plan. The lawns weren’t as manicured as we are used to (!) but with all the pretty daisies growing in the long long grass, it was quite a surreal experience. However, we all had the same problem and it was quite quirky and really really good fun.

Many thanks to David & Sue Barrett for organising it all.
Jean Hargreaves & Janet Wood for the schedule of play.
Margaret and Ken Eccles for an exceptional quiz (sorry Bolton lost on Friday night you two!).

We also welcomed Jane and Velda who joined us. They are from Hartlepool and fitted into our group like a glove. They don’t play but enjoyed spectating, socialising and joining in the evening activities. We hope to see them again next year.

Our friends from the North East. Linda and Richard Wheatley, joined us again. They join us every year and it was lovely to see them both and looking so well.

Winners of Indoor putting - 1st Richard Wheatley and 2nd Gail Burnett

Winners of the Quiz were Jean Hargreaves, Barbara Young, Vi Richards and Jean Oldfield.

Winners of the AC Grand Final were Phil Nuttall & Ken Anderton who beat Barbara Young and Margaret Anderton on the last hoop. A nail-biting finish as, in a last-ditch attempt, Phil managed to send a ball half the length of the lawn through the hoop just as the buzzer went, to win by 1 hoop.

Winners of the GC Grand Final were Margaret Eccles and Elaine Bretherton.

Winners of the Sunday Night Olympics were Linda & Richard Wheatley, Jane from Hartlepool and Ruth Burnham. They were all suitably rewarded with special Bury Croquet Medals.

Special mention goes to Gail Burnett for her impressive score of 2 in Splat the Rat.

We are looking forward to next year so I hope lots of you, who have never been, might think about it because it’s a fab fab time and we have been so lucky with the weather.

B Level AC – Bury v Bowdon @ Bowdon on Sunday 14 May

Bury team – Paul Kenworthy 1 Ged Smolskas 3.5 Phil Nuttall 10
Bowdon team – Brian Medley 1.5 Adrian Apps 3.5 John Lucas 4

Weather was warm and pleasant, cloudy at times with a slight breeze. Bowdon lawns are in good condition with last year’s bald patches now gone.

In doubles Paul & Phil took on Adrian and John. Paul got round to 4 back early in the game. Bowdon got a number of breaks to catch up. The match then remained very close with Phil improving as the match progressed. The final score was Bury 20 Bowdon 19 hence Bury + 1 on time.

Ged played Brian and in a closely fought battle Ged pegged out to win +3.

So Bury 2 nil up at lunch. Bowdon needed to win all the afternoon games to win.

Paul played Brian and somehow lost the ability to hit in and lost 26 – 1.

Ged played Adrian who overcame him winning 26 – 6

Phil played John in what turned out to be a close game with Phil capitalising on John’s mistakes and doing some exceptional hoop running. However John won 18 -11.

All 3 afternoon games lost giving:- Final Score:- Bury 2 Bowdon 3
Reporter Paul Kenworthy

Short Loan York Versus Bury Sunday 14 May

A misty start to the day cleared into glorious sunshine causing the removal of outer layers to play. We were well looked after by York and brews-a-plenty were provided.

The morning didn’t go Bury’s way with 2 losses in the singles and a doubles match that went to the Golden hoop with York coming out the victor.

The second round was 4 singles, Chris finished first with a 14-1 win over Debbie. Wendy from York played an impressive game beating Anne 14-5, Margaret took a 14-6 win against their number 2 player Chris, and Richard was beaten 11-9 on time.

While lagging behind, it was all to play for at lunch (admittedly we made it difficult for ourselves!).

Chris was the first to lose after his opponent pegged out his front ball and Chris failed to hit in losing 14-7, followed by Margaret defeated 14-4 by the improving Wendy, Richard lost 14-4 to York’s Chris; and Anne was left with 6 hoops to run with her second ball and 2 peels of her first ball to win on the timed turn. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

York were the victors 9-2.

Report Chris Alvey

Richard Leach runner up in A Level National tournament WP 13/14th May

Presentation of Cheque to Bury Hospice Tues 9th May

Bury Hospice Community Coordinator Rachel Krafft visited a busy Whitehead Park on Tuesday 9th May to be presented with a cheque from the club amounting to an excellent £732.75 raised at our Hospice Day event at CP in April. This includes takings on the day, monies in the collection bucket and donations from members. Rachel (pictured stood with David Barrett) thanked the club’s members for their efforts and ongoing support of the hospice. Well done everyone and thanks for support, hard work, raffle & cash contributions.
Report Roy Spencer

Westmorland v Bury South @ Levens Hall Thurs 4th May

Pleasingly their understanding and application of the advantage system coincided with ours, and thanks to excellent pre-match preparation by their Captain Fiona Armer who had allocated required clips by both sets of players making for quick and organised starts for all matches throughout the day. The doubles ended up one each, and thereafter the singles went our way prior to lunch. After lunch with only 4 games left to play Westmorland need to win them all to draw. Whilst they did in fact win 3 of them Bury managed a win one of them to clinch the match 8-10.

A well fought and sporting contest, as ever in pleasant surroundings and a thoroughly enjoyable day with nice people. A dry day although rather windy a times. Thanks to our hosts for their hospitality, and excellent organisation of the new format.

Teams (pictured) – Westmorland: Elaine Newman (6), Mark Gregory (11), David Massey (11), Colin Pritchard (12), Fiona Armer (Nonplaying Capt)). Bury South: Barbara Duncan (12), (Capt), Roy Spencer (8), Martin Doxsey (8), Duncan Meachin (9)
Report Roy Spencer

Bury South v Pendle at WP Saturday 29th April

We hosted Pendle. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding over dates one of our team arrived after due time, which meant that only one doubles match could be played.

The overall result was Bury South 5 – Pendle 12. Teams – South: Barbara Duncan (Capt). Duncan Meachin, Sue Worth, Lyne Crawford-Mather. Pendle: Karen Bamforth (6), Penny Clarke (6), David Carpenter (8), Sharon DeMaine (11).

Report Roy Spencer

Bury South v Bury North at WP Saturday 23rd April

Season opener began with the traditional, ‘derby’ match versus Bury North at Whitehead Park. The first match for both teams using the new advantage scoring system, which in the main went well with both teams coping with a few teething issues. Both doubles matches went to South, but the singles games went in favour of North, resulting in a draw overall. Teams – South: Barbara Duncan (Capt.), Roy Spencer, Dawn & Duncan Meachin. North: Ian Saunders, Richard Leach, Lynne Gaukroger, Pat Lord. Nonplaying Capt. Bernard Lord.

Report Roy Spencer

Caesars vs Peelers Sunday 30th Apr @ CP

A rainy day at Coronation park saw the teams breaking out 2 gazebos to stay dry (ish). The morning sessions saw the double contested between Tony and Chris versus David and Margaret, Anne versus Paul and Richard versus Vi. All games ran to time with no players managing to peg out despite some incredible shooting from David for long hit ins.

The morning’s play left the score at 1 to Caesars and 2 to Peelers.

The afternoon brought with it more constant rain as the players battled for the win. Chris finished first beating David 26-3 (one to Caesars), followed by Anne and Richard which finished 26-11 to Anne (2 to Caesars).

With Tony and Paul playing some great croquet a single mistake from Tony let Paul in who pegged out Tony’s forward ball before ultimately going on to win the match, and levelling the scores.

With all to play for and Vi ahead of Margaret, the remaining team members watched them try and best each other. In the end Vi won the game 22-14 on time.

Making the result 4-3 to Caesars. Many thanks to Peelers for their assistance with the Gazebos and Anne for Tea and Toast, biscuits and the 2 cakes (Though David maintains it was the Ginger cake that turned the game in Chris’ favour.

Bury Hospice Day @ CP Sat 22nd April 2023

Flyover Video of Hospice Day

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Sad news of the loss of our dear friend Susan

Susan passed away 11th April after suffering with Motor Neurone Disease which she fought with such poise and bravery that we stand in awe.
Susan was a long standing member of our croquet club. She and her late husband Mac were such an integral part of our club that we will miss them both so much.
Susan was a wonderful friend and with Mac she was also responsible for feeding us with her delicious pie and peas and supplying all the beautiful plants that have adorned our club.
Susan was a good croquet player and represented her club in NWFCC League, helping her team to victory on many occasions. She was an amazing and friendly character and leaves a big hole at the club.

Barbara Young Honorary Vice President of Bury Croquet Club

Bury Croquet @ unveiling of new Bleed Cabinet at WP 8th April

The box was unveiled on the wall of the croquet club after a 19-year-old was stabbed in the park in February.
If people call the emergency services they can be pointed to the box and a code will be given to gain access.
It can be used by those without first aid training and colour coded items inside direct people for ways to assist different types of injuries.

Bury Croquet Bowling to raise awareness of visual impairment Wed 28th March

Great night's bowling organised by the bury blind society.
A very informative night as the gang learned to experience the challenges that people who are visually impared have.
The glasses that everyone wore mimicked all the different kinds of sight impairments.
A very worthwhile exercise.
Bury Croquet won the overall competition!!
Well done Team! Bury Croquet first trophy of the year! 

Coronation Park Work Day Sunday 12th March

Thanks to the members that attended the work day at Coronation Park on Sunday, which despite the recent bad weather turned out to be a lovely sunny day.

A terrific number of tasks were undertaken to make the facility ready for the forthcoming season, the club house thoroughly cleaned, kitchen, toilets, club room & chairs etc cleaned.

All the lawns re-hooped, full & short, and white lines completed.
Some members were involved in these important tasks for the first time developing a skill that will be useful in the future.
This was under the guidance of Paul Kenworthy, who also spent Saturday afternoon (in the snow) stringing out the lawns in readiness.

ANNUAL DINNER 10th March 2023

There was a great turnout for the dinner 53 people in all.
The dinner took place at Radcliffe Masonic Hall.
The food was excellent and the venue was liked by everyone.
John Richie the singer serenaded us to the delight of all.
Although this wasn't a fund raising event, the club made a nice profit of £300 due to the raffle.
Phil and Margaret organised the event under stressful circumstances when the original venue of Breightmet Golf Club was cancelled.
Roy organised a lovely 35th Anniversary cake.
Jane designed a number 35 in flowers to sit with the cake.
Jane also provided all the beautiful flowers for the tables. Unfortunately Jane was unable due to attend the dinner due to the weather.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.

CA Millennium Award


Painting by our lovely Jean Oldfield

Bury CC at Radcliffe Community Group Sat 21st Jan

Video of Radcliffe Market Community day

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First social of the 2023 calendar year saw a fantastic turnout by Club members.
24 members braved the atrocious weather conditions.
An enjoyable evening was had by all
14 played 2 games and 10 played 3 games

Participants were
Lane 1 – Paul Kenworthy, Ken Anderton, Ged Smolskas, Gabi Smolskiene, Pat Lord
Lane 2 – Alan Driver, Lynne Driver, Ian Saunders, Bernard Lord, Phil Nuttall
Lane 3 – Richard Leach, Ken Eccles, Ruth Burnham, Margaret Anderton, Roger Schofield, David Barrett, Lynne Mather
Lane 4 – Roy Spencer, Duncan Meachin, Dawn Meachin, Barbara Young, Richard Harvey, Sheila McAnulty, Phil Mather

Highest score first game – Paul Kenworthy 116
Highest score second game – Phil Nuttall 132
Highest score third game – Alan Driver 129

2 game overall winner – Duncan Meachin 192
2 game overall runner-up – Roy Spencer 184
2 game overall third – Richard Leach 176

3 game overall winner – Phil Nuttall 369
3 game overall runner-up – Alan Driver 325
3 game overall third – Ged Smolskas 323

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone.
Big thankyou to Margaret Eccles for collating all the scores and to our Chairman Roy Spencer for taking the photos and presenting the prizes

Money raised on the night £22.50

Bring on the next social!!

Report by Phil Nuttall
Photos by Chairman Roy Spencer

Article from Croquet Gazette by Roy Spencer

© 2023