Christmas Krafty Kroquetiers

Club members took part in a Christmas Kraft afternoon run by Elaine Bretherton and Pat Carter on Monday 6th Dec., at Whitehead Club house. Pictured are participants and example items made during a very enjoyable afternoon.

Another gathering of the Monday afternoon Kraft group, organised by Margaret Eccles & Jane Bailey on 13th Dec
Lead by Jane, excellent Seasonal wreaths were produced - as can be seen in the piccie.

Mac Hardman R.I.P. 2nd December 2021

It is with great regret and sadness to report that Mac Hardman passed away on 2nd December 2021.
Mac was our groundsman for many years and was a great friend and supporter of the club.
He will be greatly missed.
He will be remembered for his love of the game, his great mentoring abilities, his jolly personality, the wonderful begonias he supplied each year and the wonderful food both he and Susan made for the club's many socials.

The first photo shows two of his favourite pastimes: a nice pint and his long time hobby of restoring his vintage car.
The second shows Mac receiving the Longman Cup as captain in 2009, something of which he was extremely proud.

Our sincere condolences go to Susan and her family.

Details below from the Bury Times


Changing of the Guards @ AGM 27th Nov 2021

Two of our most revered and loved members have decided to step down. Margaret as Secretary and Barbara as Chair. They were presented with beautiful flowers from the club which were handcrafted by Jane Bailey.
Both are now looking forward to a bit of an easier life but knowing them two!!!!
Certainly they will both provide mentor services to their successors:
Gail Burnett as Secretary and Roy Spencer as Chairman
who were both unanimously voted in by the members present.

An accolade to a Star @ AGM 27th Nov 2021

A massive pat on the back to Margaret Eccles who received the prestigious
CA Diploma for Services to Croquet.
She is a little dynamo who never stops. She is also brilliant at playing association & golf and coaching. She fixes problems, comforts and spurs on those getting frustrated with their game and she is just a wonderful friend to us all. So well deserved Margaret. Congratulations and lots of love from us all.

Phil Mather looking resplendent! 20th Nov 2021

What a sight Phil looks dashing in his striking Fusiliers uniform this weekend in Bury. We haven't had a rendition yet but we will!!!

JACK IS WORLD No 1 Under 18 Golf Croquet player

Teenage Jack Good who plays at Bury Croquet Club, season culminated in him becoming the World No 1 Under 18 Golf Croquet player.

Bolton resident Jack achieved this accolade as the result of his overall performance in the English National Singles GC Championship
in September at Hunstanton. Jack reached the final of this competition beating established and experienced players on the way.
He was only beaten in the final by one of the sport’s long established icons and multi competition winner Stephen Mulliner.

He was also recently a recipient of the English Croquet Association’s 2021 most improved golf croquet player,
having been nominated by the Bury club. Jack has taken part in a number of the sport’s major competitions this year often taking away the silverware.

Jack Good wins Spiers Trophy

COBER HILL 10TH - 13TH June 2022

Finals Day Sunday 3rd October @ CP

‘End of Season 2021’ is upon us, but despite an awful week of weather precluding the event, the sun did manage to shine in between the showers to allow us to enjoy ‘Finals Day’. Early start preparation by stalwart members allowed us to start promptly.

First final – Golf +8 – Roger Harper v John Cassell – Roger got off to a flying start against John, steadily building up a strong lead to take the first game 7-3, the second game was a much tighter game, nip & tuck, with the scores level at 6-6, golden hoop required, with Roger claiming it to win the game and the match.

Second final – AC full handicap – Chris Alvey v Ged Smolskas - This was classed as the tutor Chris verses his pupil Ged.
Who won the toss, choice of opening shot, and the ensuing response would set the tone / tactics of the match. Choice of ball colour being the only irrelevance.

Their chosen opening - Chris’s 1st ball to 5 yards north of corner 4 followed by Ged’s 1st ball into the centre. Chris’s next ball into corner 4, Ged’s failure to roquet Chris’s corner ball committed him to take a bisque to start a break and then proceeded to use more bisques than expected to run the early hoops. However Ged settled down and slowly / methodically made a 12-hoop break to peg, Chris needed a decent reply and embarked to equalise the situation with a break of his own, Chris quickly ran through the first 6 hoops, but the balls did not run kindly therefore ending his considered and organised break. This breakdown was a calamity – the balls were in the most advantageous positions for Ged to start another 4-ball break. There were a few more exchanges of innings but with only a few opportunities for Chris,
Ged kept his nerve to win 26-6

Third Final – AC Advanced – Paul Kenworthy v Ken Jones – This match was a joy of quality breaks with considered tactics. Both players were subject to sudden rain outbursts but played through in the spirit of the competition and a treat for the nicely sheltered onlookers.

With the short notice of a rearranged start, it took Ken a bit of time to get up to speed and after early exchanges Paul advanced into a commanding lead 24-6. Any forced or unforced errors by Ken or Paul would surely finish the game.

From now it was not as though Paul played badly or with errors but Ken persevered with control of the lawn and launched 2 very decent breaks of his own followed with the pegging out of Paul’s forward ball. Nail biting and rising tension was high in the stands as David Barrett explained to the us lesser mortals the ‘ins & outs’ of what Ken & Paul were trying to do and hence understand the fine balance of the game and the ending of Ken’s (come from behind) win 26-25.

Fourth Final – AC Short Handicap – Richard Leach v Ged Smolskas - Help was on hand to change over the lawn from full to short. This again was a great game, evenly poised with Richard having a 1 bisque advantage at the start. Ged used 3 of his bisques early to get going, but it was Richard who got his first ball to penultimate first, Richard’s early advantage was lost when he unfortunately wired Ged’s balls with the aid of the peg giving Ged chance to get his first ball to peg. With the match evenly balanced Richard then proceeded to get his second ball round to hoop 4 but couldn’t convert it, decision not to take bisques was fatal as Ged was wired again. Ged took full advantage of this and with the help of his last bisque closed out the match to win 14-9 to give him his second victory of the day (full & short titles).

Fifth Final – GC Level Play – Graham Good v Jack Good – Quick change back to full lawn for the Father & Son lawn battle. They raced back from their previous engagement, so unfortunately they didn’t have any preparation time, sadly, both players didn’t have their ‘A’ game going, Jack took control of both games showing us some glimpses of his accurate power play prowess which has made him such a rising star in the croquet arena, especially GC. Jack took both games to successfully defend his level play title.

The One-Ball Final between Margaret Eccles & Graham Good was not contested resulting in Margaret being awarded the title. The expectant crowd were not disappointed though as an exhibition match took place instead between Margaret Eccles and Vi Richards, with Margaret winning an enthralling game 13-11, Margaret demonstrated in this game that she was worthy of the award.

Sixth final - Golf Handicap – Gill Freely v Bernard Lord – Finally managed to get our last final for 2021 played. Bernard Jetting in from sunny Tenerife to a soggy damp CP and brave Gill whose car refused to budge and wouldn’t unlock, and unfortunately her weathers and mallet were secured inside the car. She managed to get a lift down from her decorator who had just arrived. The intrepid pair and Gill's borrowed mallet ventured out into the heavy rain whilst onlookers cowered under brollies or watched from the clubhouse.

Game 1 – Gill brilliantly used her bisques to good effect and finished the game most clinically, winning 7-4

Game 2 – Just like the first game, Gill controlled the early stages and got to the turn 4-2 up, and as previously back came Bernard with some tactical play and accurate shooting to level at 4-4, Gill used her last bisques to take the next 2 hoops to lead 6-4, Bernard went into overdrive and took the game to the golden hoop, with no let-up in the rain and the surface getting wetter & wetter, it was a ding dong battle with Bernard finally succeeding to take the game 7-6 and level the match.

Deciding game 3 – after a short break to towel down, clean specs etc., but with no change in the weather, Bernard started the better taking the first hoop, this pattern of both taking turns to win a hoop continued to the score of 3-3, both players were now struggling to master their feel for distance & accuracy, Bernard managing better to take a 5-3 lead, back came Gill to take the next hoop, with score at 5-4, Bernard smelt victory and took the next 2 hoops to win 7-4 and therefore the match.

Both Players deserve a medal, they are a credit to our sport, well done to you both.

Now the thank you’s –
Many thanks go to our President David Barrett and Lady Chairman Barbara Young for dovetailing throughout the day to be on hand to present the trophies and prizes to the winners.

To Jane Bailey for again doing us proud with her baking of beautiful cakes, Jane you are a star. This also allowed us to toast Helena Nuttall’s birthday in style.

Playing surface was in excellent condition after a season of heavy use and drained quickly when the cloud burst.

Finally big thank you to everyone who has turned up today and to all the helpers and spectators, you all have helped to make this day a success.

Report by Phil Nuttall (Internals Competition Co-ordinator)

Our Carol just keeps on achieving!!

Words from Carol

Miracles do happen! It was seven years ago that I first entered a picture for the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. There is traditionally the opportunity, for anyone who so wishes, to submit an artwork for consideration, to be exhibited alongside works by the Royal Academicians. On that occasion, my collage of Gandhi got through the first round but then – disappointingly – fell at the second.

In subsequent years my entries have not even passed the first hurdle - until this year. Understandably, I hardly dared to expect that the second letter would be favourable … but suddenly the committee, this year led by Yinka Shonibare, decided to include my work entitled Variation on a Theme of Strelitzias.

All qualifying artists were invited to the Varnishing Day on 13 September and bidden to forgather in the Burlington Square courtyard before processing along Piccadilly to St James’ Church for the initial service of thanksgiving.

Afterwards we returned to see all the works in situ in the Royal Academy’s gallery rooms and were treated to an ‘on the hoof’ prosecco lunch. Together with other artists I’d met at the beginning of the morning, and now armed with the official guide booklet, we identified where our works had been sited and enjoyed looking at everything as we progressed through the rooms.

Because of the intervention of COVID this 2021 Summer Exhibition is scheduled later than usual.
It opens on 22 September and finishes on 2 January 2022.

Carol you are amazing, well done from us all!!

Fylde V Bury Crusaders @ Fylde Sunday 19th Sept 2021

Fylde 12 Bury Crusaders 4

Bury Team: Margaret Anderton, Richard Harvey, Carol Hampson,
Helena Nuttall (acting captain)
Fylde Team: Betty Bates (captain), Philip Snowdon, Brian Broughton,
Alison Broughton

Overcast skies saw Fylde entertain Bury Crusaders for the last Short Lawn AC (North) match of 2021 season.

First session saw Fylde come quickly out of the blocks and take a 3-1 early lead. Richard Harvey was Bury's winner.

Second session again saw Fylde take it with a 3-1 vistory. Margartet Anderson was Bury's winner taking Betty to the ropes.

Third session the spoils were even a 2 games each. Helena Nuttall and Margaret Anderton winning for Bury.

Final session was a clean sweep for Fylde to give them an overall convincing win of 12-4.

A very enyoyable day was had by all. A big thank you to Betty and her Fylde Team for their hospitality.

Report by Helena Nuttall (acting captain)

Interclub Short Lawn Competition @ Bowdon Sunday 19th Sept 2021

Bury/Bowdon Team Won

Bury/Bowdon Team: Ged, Gabi, Richard L all from Bury and Nan Saul from Bowdon

Details from Gabi Smolskiene


Today much laughter and jollity at Whitehead Park when we welcomed the wonderful & dedicated carers
from HomeInstead Bury who held a company day in appreciation for their hard work during the period of the pandemic.
Plus there were some good players!

Thank you for chosing Bury Croquet for your event.
What a great and deicated crowd you are!!

Report by Roy Spencer

Bury v Pendle Assoc Advanced B Level Sunday 29th AUGUST 2021 @ Pendle

Pendle 2 Bury 3

Team: David Barret, Roger Schofield and Malcolm Danes travelled to Pendle.
A heavy ground and chill wind later lightened and “warmed up”
The morning doubles of Roger and Malcolm scored more hoops than opponents Andrew W and Gary W by 6 on time.
It was not a high scoring game as keen and bright plans of both sides disintegrated with the reality that none were on top form / starting a break was difficult and maintain – so solid / stodgy stuff from both sides.

However, the star performer of the morning and day was David Barrett who came from behind 2 (2 & 0) whilst opponent Paul D’s excellent play commanding a score of 22 (12 & 10).
1 or 2 slip ups by David Barrett would end the game – but used experience, patience and lawn craft to achieve a win. David Barrett scored his back ball to 10 (score now 22-12) by playing precise positioning – (yes that blade of grass – not another blade 6 inches away), keeping well away from Paul D’s balls so minimising the risk of Paul D hitting in and finishing. Paul D came very close – blobbed hoop 11 twice but on 3rd attempt scored the 2 hoops and pegged out the forward ball but calamity when he missed the “game winning” peg out of the back ball. Score Paul D = 25 David Barrett = 16 (or so)

With change of circumstances so a change of tactics - DB scoring 1 / 2 hoops per turn but no blobs and hiding at end of every turn. So Paul D followed good & conventional tactics of trying to hit the peg (and win) from 13 yards from the east – west – east boundaries. This is not as easy as it sounds or looks- because when missing the peg, the ball “must” not be left in an advantageous position / open field where it would be of great use for David Barrett. (i.e. hit strength of 26 yards) David Barrett applied more pressure on Paul D, as he manoeuvred Paul’s only ball into a corner – so Paul now shooting at the peg diagonally i.e. 22 yards to the peg but hit strength of 44 yards to relative safety. With time running out and Paul in the lead but understandably tiring - “whacking” a ball 40+ yards – and dispiritingly missing narrowly the 22-yard peg out frequently. However, DB’s consistent chipping away of scoring the required (final) hoops brought victory just before the end of time.

At lunch Bury 2-0 up with 3 singles to play: Andrew W shook off his 1st game doubles lethargy to win his singles as David Barrett’s morning exertions took its toll. Malcolm Daines meanwhile could not hit a barn door (roquet) as opponent Gary took advantage (and played well) to win – by too many. Roger rides to the rescue with the crucial deciding game over Paul D. Roger Schofield played solid reliable sensible croquet whilst Paul D tried after his disappointing morning. I don’t wish to belittle the afternoon play but David Barrett’s morning achievement is / was the highlight of the day. The final league table place of 2nd (of 6) is VERY decent with Captain Paul Kenworthy’s mantra “of accommodating all players (7) who want to play.”

Report by Malcolm Daines



Bury: Gill Freely, Roy Spencer (Capt), John Cassell, Gail Burnett.
Fylde Falcons: John Cutler, Ted Walker, Lou Pel, Barbara Walker (Capt).

We welcomed Fylde Falcons on a glorious sunny day, visitors complimented on the condition of lawns and how good they looked.
Thanks to Ian for the lawns and also Ken E and David D for white lining.

A close result with some competitive play. Both doubles matches went to Bury.
At lunch time it was 6-4 to Bury, needing 4 matches in the afternoon to win which was achieved with Fylde also winning 4.

Every Bury team member won at least 1 match contributing to the win.
Whilst academic the final game between John & Lou (following her recent Millenium handicap win at Crake) was a gigantic struggle going to extra hoop providing entertainment not only to both sets of teams but also spectators on the park bench.

The first win for the HGC team this season - which was celebrated by a fly passed of the Red Arrows over Coronation Park - really!

Report by Roy Spencer


A/C All England Area Final at Bury CP 21/22 August 2021

Gediminas Smolskas won

Although Bury CC gave him a handicap adjustment to 14 just before the tournament Ged remained the bookies favourite to take a qualifying place in the final. Phil Snowden (Fylde CC) took the other place on offer.

While many a good game was played the best rumble was between Ged and Phil in the final round played in strong Sunshine. It provided wonderful entertainment for the spectators: Ged was on 5 and peg, Phil on 1 and 1 when Phil got in and pegged Ged out. The ensuing three ball ending between these two talented players ( each with one bisque remaining) was a treat to watch. Both players favoured the direct break building approach without much hiding, lurking or taking pos.

With Phil on peg and peg time was called Ged hit in from distance (This was the only game in the weekend that went to time). He made 10 and 11 and faced a shot to run Rover which would win the game +1, however it only jawsed, leaving the scores tied. Phil missed a 10 yarder at the peg and Ged ran the trivial Rover to take a clean sweep and an automatic handicap reduction.

Commiserations to Richard Leach (Bury CC) in third place who has a relaxed style and plays with a fast steady rhythm that is a pleasure to see.

The Coronation Park Venue was in terrific shape with the hoops set perfectly and the lawns playing reasonably easily. Jean Hargreaves made the tournament management look effortlessly easy. (Personal note: making this one of the most enjoyable I have played.)

Roger Schofield and Alan Moreton also made some fine play during the event.

(Personal note: Especially against me, vbg).

This historic tournament has been running for almost one hundred years. First won in 1923 by J B Hubbard. It provides a wonderful experience for new tournament players who can experience the challenges of competition and also learn etiquette and possibly some of the finer points of the Laws as they play.

If your club has a rapid improver or two and you do not regularly enter, please take some time, perhaps at your next AGM, to consider organising a qualifying internal tournament and entering. Your young stars will thank you for their chance.

Report by Peter Wilson


Bury 3 Pendle 4

Pendle Team: Robert Essla, Andrew Webb, Catherine Parnell and Robin Delves
Bury Team: Tony Phillips, Roger Schofield, Richard Leach and Carolyn Hampson

In the doubles Robin scored first but found it difficult to get off hoop 2. Carol and Roger built up a good lead and were still well ahead after Robert had made a good break. Robin then got going to put Pendle firmly in the lead. The Bury pair both made breaks to leave the game level on time. After time Robin ran rover to win +1 on time.

Catherine used her bisques early and well to reach peg and rover before Tony took croquet. With the bisques gone Tony hit in went round and pegged Catherine's forward ball out. Tony was not able to get going as well with only 3 balls and Catherine kept hitting in eventually getting her last hoop and pegging out to win +10.

Richard also used his bisques well to get both his balls well round. Then Andrew made a break to the peg, Richard ran the last of the hoops and pegged Andrew out. Andrew then played well and although Richard achieved his last few hoops it was Andrew who pegged out his second ball to win +2

In the afternoon it was Tony's turn to use his bisques to take both balls round. Robert did hit in and get 6 hoops but that was it. Tony then finished him off to win +20

Catherine was now biqueless giving Richard the opportunity to take a commanding lead. Catherine did get one ball round but was struggling to make progress with the other ball. Richard was able to get his last hoops to win +12

Andrew's inability to roquet lead to his inability to concentrate giving Roger an easy +21 win.

Carol and Robin had a tight game to begin with but in the end Robin's experience told and he won +10

Bury 3 Pendle 4

Report by Roger Schofield

Visitors from Portugal Tuesday 17th August

This Tuesday we welcomed Stephen & Janet Birrane, who play croquet in Portugal, to Coronation Park. They played a number of games with members and took part in David Barrett’s coaching session.

Stephen & Janet are on a visit to Oldham and normally prior to Covid restrictions visit the Uk 3 or 4 times a year and we look forward to seeing them again.

Report by Roy Spencer


We went, we fought but we didn't conquer this time.
The weather was quite good in the mornings but turned dull and a bit drizzly in the afternoons.
We came a valiant second in AC ADVANCED and second in LEVEL PLAY GC.
It was good to get out and meet all our croquet friends from around the North West.
We didn't win but we had a great time.
Gail and Jane joined us this year for the first time and enjoyed the occasion. Many thanks to the organizers and catering staff for making us comfortable and welcome.
Great job in difficult circumstances.

Our Jane Bailey and Sue I'Anson win Yorkshire Fed Golf Restricted Doubles Comp 11th August Bishop Monkton

Please follow link below for

What has Harry been getting up to at Oxford?

Harry has supplied us with a great write up of his croquet exploits at Oxford University. It is a very interesting read!
Report by Harry Anderton

Pendle v Bury Level Play GC Wednesday 4th Aug 2021

Pendle 0 Bury 18

Bury Team: David Barrett, Richard Leach, Phil Nuttall
Pendle Team: Keith Terry, Sharon DeMaine, David Carpenter

Pendle hosted Bury on a lovely sunny day with great views overlooking the hills.
On the day however, Bury's team was a bit too strong for the relatively new players of Pendle.
Many thanks to our lovely Pendle hosts for a great days croquet and the very nice post match refreshments (cake) baked by Libby Dixon.

Pendle 0 Bury 18

GOLF FUN DAY 3rd August 2021 @ CP

Around 25 members attended the club’s annual Golf Fun day at Coronation Park on Tuesday 3rd August. The day lived up to it’s title, glorious weather, much laughter, fun - but still competitive play, and fabulous cakes!

10 minute, Roy Spencer.
Joker, Margaret Anderton & Barbara Evans - after shootout.
Bonus, Lynne Mather - after penalty shootout.
Spare Hoop, Lynne Mather, again after penalty shootout.

David Barrett presented the prizes, and thanked Jean Hargreaves & Margaret Eccles for organising and running the event, along with members for taking part, and those who assisted in setting up lawns & gazebos etc. Also a special thanks to Jane Bailey for providing and wonderful selection of home made cakes - thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Report by Roy Spencer

National GC Doubles 31st Jul/1st Aug @ Budleigh

Happy to announce that two of our players Jack and Graham Good came 3rd in this weekend comp.
Well done boys!!

B Level Advanced AC Fylde v Bury Saturday 31 July @ Fylde

Bury 4 Fylde 1

Bury Team - Paul Kenworthy 1, Tony Philips 3.5, Ken Jones 4.5
Fylde Team - Liz Wilson, Peter Wilson, Jim Allcock

A cloudy day with a little sunshine and a little rain.
In the morning doubles Liz Wilson & Jim Allcock lost to Paul Kenworthy & Ken Jones -13.
Tony Philips recent form continued as he beat Peter Wilson +24.

In the afternoon Ken Jones had a hard battle against Jim Allcock but emerged the winner +5
Tony Philips beat Liz Wilson +9 again playing well.
Against Paul, Peter left a contact leave, everything together just out of corner 4. Although Paul managed to get through hoop 2 from it he allowed Peter in with his back ball for a tidy finish, Peter winning +15.

Report from Paul Kenworthy(Team Captain)

Peelers v Pendle 31st July @ CP

Bury Peelers 5 Pendle 2

Last day of July, last match of the mini league, lawns cut, gazebo's up. Grey skies, but no rain.

Peelers team, Malcolm D, Phil N, Margaret E and Ged S
Pendle team Robert E, Paul D, Gary W and Robin D

The morning session saw a new pairing in the doubles, Margaret & Phil ran a 20 hoop lead, but a late great turn by Robert, taking his ball fully round, reduced the difference to 5 in the end.
In the morning singles, Ged overpowered Gary with a convincing win whilst Malcolm had a great battle with Paul, the game going to the golden hoop with Malcolm coming out the victor.
So at lunch Bury 3 Pendle 0

In the afternoon session Ged sealed the match for Bury with another super display against Robin.
Phil lost heavily to Paul but the final game saw Margaret have a great win against Gary.

Final result Bury Peelers 5 Pendle 2

I would like to thank everyone for playing the game in such a sporting manner. Report by Phil Nuttall (Peelers Team Captain)

Bury Midweek AC Handicap away at Chester 28th July @ CP

Chester 5 Bury 2

Chester Team: Elmyr Hughes, David Guyton, Brian Walton and Nigel Worthington
Bury Team: Roger Schofield, Tony Phillips, Barbara Young and Margaret Eccles

A good day for Tony in the morning; he quickly got the first break against Elmyr and had a bisque and a half left when he ran to pen-ult with his second ball, he put these to good use to get the last hoop and peg out + 22. He had a harder time in the afternoon with David playing his usual defensive game. Tony was in the lead most of the time, with David hanging on to his bisques but with the bisques eventually gone, Tony came through to win +3 on time.

Roger's single ball shots were too inaccurate for him to hold a break together but towards the end of the game when Nigel's 10.5 bisques had gone, he had 2 good chances to win the game but came up short to loose -1 on time.
In the doubles, Barbara and Margaret did not have a lot of lawn time and trailed throughout to lose -5 on time.

In the afternoon, Elmyr hit a good long double and picked up a good 3 ball break to get his first ball round. Roger's accuracy had not improved and Elmyr was able to Aunt Emma his second ball round to win +8 on time.
Barbara and Brian both played off 7, so no bisques. They made good progress but Brian made the home advantage count, to win +9.
Margaret and Nigel having 4 bisques and 6 bisques respectively had a tighter game but again it went Chester's way, Nigel winning +3 on time.

Thanks to Barbara for stepping in at the last minute and to Tony for driving.

Report by Roger Schofield (Bury Midweek Captain)

Caesars vs Crake Sunday 25th July @ CP

Crake 4, Bury 3

A Lovely sunny morning saw Tony and Richard playing the doubles and Roger and Chris playing the singles.

Roger was beaten in the mornings session with Chris winning 26-0 in a personal best of 39 minutes and Tony and Richard triumphed in the doubles giving us a 2-1 lead going into lunch.

The afternoon saw Chris winning his singles match (and reducing his handicap for the second time this season). Tony and Roger both lost, leaving the decider to Richard.

A close game finally finishing 26-25 in Crake’s favour. A loss 3-4 overall but a good day of croquet at Coronation Park.

Report Chris Alvey (Captain)

Our Ged Smolkas wins FYLDE SHORT AC JUBILEE TROPHY 24/25 July 2021

Ged is doing fantastic having only been with us since 2020.
He has worked very hard on his lessons with Chris Alvey and it is paying off.
He won the Jubilee Trophy and during the tournament managed to win a bronze medal.
Well done Ged, you are an inspiration - KEEP IT UP!!

National Croquet Day Saturday 24th July @ WP in aid of BHF

Well what a fabulous day!!
We had a great time and the weather was fantastic.
Due to Roy's fine efforts we had councillors from the local Bury Wards attending.
James Daly - Bury North MP, Cllrs Jackie Harris and Dene Vernon - Church Ward,
Cllr Jo Lancaster - Radcliffe North, Cllr Yvonne Wright - Tottington,
Cllr Liam Dean - North Manor and Cllr Jack Rydeheard - Elton.
Also with us was the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Tim Pickstone.
We managed to raise a nice sum of money for the British Heart Foundation.
The sum raised is £480
Roy has composed a Press Release - see Link below.
Well done to everyone involved it was a wonderful and worthwhile day.

24th July we are celebrating National Croquet Week Open Day at Whitehead Park in aid of British Heart Foundation


8 Players took part in this tournament held in extremely hot conditions, on an all play all level play basis.

Bury: John Cassell, Gail Burnett, Barbara Duncan, Pat Lord, Roy Spencer
Crake Valley: Peter Uglow, Sandra Cornes
Gainsborough: Pam Dawson

All results are on croquet scores except three 6-6 draws.
As the players were playing in extreme heat it was agreed to go to 45 minute time limit games and that a draw was an acceptable result. If we hadn't done that it is highly likely someone would have got sun stroke.

Results: 1st Peter Uglow (Crake Valley)
2nd Sandra Cornes (Crake Valley)
3rd John Cassell (Bury)
4th Gail Burnett (Bury)

On a scorching hot day 8 players played some quality golf croquet in Bury's National C level qualifier.
Very little separated the top 2 players with the key game featuring 2 Crake Valley members. The game was won by Peter Uglow against Sandra Cornes 7-6. In the end Peter , impressive throughout, won all 7 games during the day whilst Sandra won 5 and drew one of her games. The third and fourth places were taken by Bury members, John Cassell and Gail Burnett both of them new to tournament croquet, well done to them! The final game between John & Peter was very close going to extra hoop, and providing enthralling entertainment to those watching.

Thanks to Tournament Managers David Barrett & David Cornes who was also referee with Bernard Lord assisting with administration.

Also to Jean Hargreaves & Margaret & Ken Eccles for catering.

Fylde v Bury Peelers Sat 17th July 2021 @ Fylde

Fylde 2 Bury Peelers 5

Bury Team - Margaret Eccles, David Barrett, Ged Smolskas, Phil Nuttall (Captain)
Fylde Team - Betty Bates, Catherine Bass, Philip Bass, Alan Morton (Captain)

Under cloudless skies, our Peelers team were visitors to the Fylde coast for a weekend AC handicap match.

The morning session saw David B & Ged gelling well to win their doubles game against Alan & Philip.

In the singles, a see saw game ended with a win for Margaret E against Betty, but Phil was comfortably beaten by Catherine, so at Lunch Peelers had a 2-1 lead.

Afternoon session were all singles

Ged had another impressive win against Catherine, Phil managed to hold onto a slender lead in a very close game with Betty, Margaret lost out to Philip, losing on a 'golden hoop' scenario.

Finally, David B had a thrilling fight back against Alan with some excellent play to win 23-22.

As you can see, this was a closely fought match overall with the final result

Fylde 2 Bury Peelers 5

Many thanks to Fylde for their hospitality.

Report from Phil Nuttall (Team Captain)

B Level Advanced AC Bury v Chester Sunday 11 July @ Coronation Park

Bury 3 Chester 2

Bury Team - Paul Kenworthy 1, David Barrett 3.5, Ken Jones 4.5
Chester Team - Jerry Guest 2, James Thomas 5, Paul Watson 9

A cloudy day with a little sunshine and a little rain.

In the morning doubles Paul K and David took on Jerry and Paul W . No one made any big breaks and the result was +1 on time for Bury (21 v 20)

Ken Jones took on a rising star James Thomas who whilst not having played a great deal recently still showed a talent that I am sure will end with him being a minus handicap player. The result Ken lost 12 v 26

In the afternoon James shone again for a 26 v 2 victory over David. Ken had a conclusive win over Paul W 26 v 8

Paul K played Jerry and was 1 ahead on time and should have put the balls out of reach. Instead he left Jerry a hit in and Jerry ran a hoop to make it golden hoop. A tense contest resulted with Paul eventually running rover for the win +1 (23 v 22)

Report from Paul Kenworthy(Team Captain)

Millenium AC Handicap 10/11 July @ Pendle

Report from Paul Rigge:
The women dominate....(spoiler alert)

Clubs again sent their representatives to contest this event, well at least the members who were prepared to allow their names to be submitted in these risk-adverse times.

Pendle lawns looked resplendent in the sunshine for the start of play, but player's optimism and the clouds quickly clouded over as a very heavy cloud-burst passed through. After three rounds (manager tried to push for a 4th ) on the first day, only last year's victor was unbeaten..each of which was a timed win, the 2nd & 3rd being by the margin of +2t & +1t - what a grinder, what a performance!

Report from Chris Alvey:
Millennium handicap at Pendle this weekend. Not only was Anne the first female winner last year, she is the only defending champion to retain the trophy. Five out of five wins.

This trophy has indeed come home, and she’s reduced her handicap to 16 at the same time.

Many thanks to Paul Rigge and Pendle for looking after Anne, Chris & Richard this weekend.

Report by Chris Alvey

Bury HGC Team home v Crake Valley 10th July 2021

Bury 7 – Crake Valley 11

Bury: Jane Bailey, Bernard Lord, Gill Freely, John Cassell res Pat Lord (non playing Capt. Roy Spencer)
Crake Valley: Frank Sharp, Sandra Cornes, Graham Jowett, Roger Coates, (non playing Capt. David Cornes)

Bury team resplendent in yellow “home” colours welcomed friends from Crake to Coronation Park, who arrived nice and early enabling a good start being impending rain. Doubles matches 1 each. Forecast heavy rain caused a short delay. Crake initially won most of the following singles, however Bury rallied in the later stages and a draw was on the cards at one stage. There were a number of close games, 5 going to extra hoop. Every team member won at least one game, with Bernard 3.

Report from Roy Spencer(Team Captain)

Midweek AC Bury v Bowdon v Caesars 7th July @ Coronation Park

Bury 3 Bowdon 4

Bury Team:Roger Schofield, Tony Phillips, Richard Leach and Carolyn Hampson
Bowdon Team:Andrew Thomson, Dave Holland, Liz Webb and Charles Fraser

Richard got off to a good start and made quick work of beating Dave +23.

Carol and Roger were falling behind in the doubles until Carol used her bisques to make a break and put them in front. It did not last long, but at last Charles surrendered the innings and Roger was able to make a break. This proved enough for Carol and Roger to win +5 on time.

Liz played well and was well clear when time was called but Tony was in a break that he had pulled together well. He only needed 4 back and pen-ult to go into the lead but his ball fell back into the rabbit run and back into the hoop to loose -1 on time.

In the afternoon, Andrew got to peg and pen-ult with a bisque still in the ground, before Roger made a start. Roger hit a double and by the time he got to hoop 4 the break was so well set but he over approached 5 and Andrew finished on the next turn.

Dave got to peg and 4 back with Tony on 6 and 1 back. Tony got in with his back ball and went round, pegging out Dave's rover. That was the beginning of the end. Dave never took croquet again and Tony ran out plus 4.

Richard was doing well and had got to 3 back and 4 back against Liz's 1 back and 2 back, with a bisque standing but he missed Liz's balls on the south boundary and the game turned in her favour to win +9.

Carol battled on against Charles but he was a very good 22 handicap and he eventually won +14.

Report by Roger Schofield (Capt)

Level Play Golf Bury v Chester 7th July @ Chester

Bury 13 Chester 5

Bury Team:David Barret, John Gilmartin and Jane Bailey
Chester Team:Janet Jackson, Christine Thomas and Pauline Walters

Report by David Barrett

B Level Golf Tournament 3rd July @ CP

8 players competed at Coronation Park, Bury in the CA B level GC series. On a mixed day weather wise there was plenty of good quality play and close matches.

Going into the last round there were 4 players in with a chance of victory. In the end Tony McCann (Croquet Durham) came out on top with 6 wins out of 7 closely followed by Bernard Lord (Bury), Malcolm Daines (Bury) and Glynis Davies (Northampton).

Thanks go to David Barrett, Jean Hargreaves and David Cornes for their hospitality and management of the tournament.

Report by David Cornes

Pendle v Caesars 3rd July @ Pendle

Pendle 4 - Caesars 3

A wet day in Pendle, with drizzle to start but the lawns running quickly.

The morning saw the doubles partnership of Anne and Ken take the win with plus one on time and Chris win in one of the single matches.

The rain got heavier through the morning with the lawns slowing down towards lunch, the afternoon saw Chris take a second win but Ken and Anne were both beaten leaving the result as three all, with only Roger still playing. It was a close game with time being called with Roger’s opponent on the lawn; this left Roger with 4 hoops to run to level the game in his last turn. With some incredible play including a roquet made on a ball in corner 3 with his ball starting in front of hoop 2 Roger was one hoop behind. Under running the approach to 4-back and leaving a difficult angled hoop was unfortunately where the comeback ended and Caesars lost 4-3.

A wet day but with a warm welcome from Pendle and some exceptional exhibition play from Roger.

Report by Chris Alvey (Capt)

Bury HGC Team away v Fylde Coasters 26th June @ CP

Fylde Coasters 12 - Bury 6

Bury: Jane Bailey, Barbara Duncan, Gail Burnett, Helena Nuttall.
(Non playing captain Roy Spencer).
Fylde Coasters: Jan Smith (Capt.), Philip Bass, Catherine Bass, Aileen Watt.

Today’s Bury team was made up of the remaining new members, and again for some their first experience of an away match.
We were made very welcome as usual by our hosts Fylde Falcons, on a very pleasant day.

The doubles resulted in 1 game each.
Some competitive singles games ensued all played in good spirit, a number going to extra hoop, however in the end experience came to the fore with Fylde taking the match 12 - 6. Congratulations to them.

Jane Bailey, the lowest handicap player taking part in both teams won 3 of her games, and as a result reduced her handicap to 4. She also performed the jump shot of the day over two balls.

An unusual addition to the day was a rehearsal performance by the Blackpool Ukulele Band providing back ground music! Very good they were too.

Whilst a loss overall, a valuable learning experience for our new team members, who nonetheless can take satisfaction in playing some good games, and taking more experienced players to extra hoops.

Report by Roy Spencer (Capt)

Bury Peelers v Crake Valley @ CP Sat 26th June 2021

Peelers 2 Crake Valley 5

Wall to wall sunshine and great lawns, sadly Bury were beaten by a better team on the day. The morning session, saw Malcolm and rookie Ged have a convincing win against Jim & Simon, but heavy defeats for Paul & Phil in the singles gave Crake a 2-1 advantage at lunch.

The afternoon sessions belonged to Crake with 3 successes, the bright moment for Peelers was Ged having a great win against Simon. Well done Ged.

Report by Phil Nuttall (Capt)

Level Play Golf Bury v Culcheth 23rd June @ CP

Bury 10 Culcheth 8

Bury team. Bernard Lord, John Gilmartin, Phil Nuttall.
Culcheth team. Mark Frane, Alan Wright, Keith Woodward.

The overall match was close but Bury managed to edge a win.
Bernard was star man winning 5 of his 6 games.

Bury AC Midweek v Southport 23rd June @ Southport

Southport 4 Bury 3

Southport Team: Richard Harding, Barbara Haslam, Peter Williams & Derek Lant
Bury Team: Roger Schofield, Tony Philips, Ken Jones and Margaret Eccles

On a slow and heavy court Richard and Derek found it easy to hold on to the
innings, having most of the lawn time, they overcame Margaret and Ken in the doubles.

Peter made good use of his bisques getting to peg and peg before they ran out.
At this point Tony was able to make a start but it was too little too late.
Neither Barbara nor Roger could get a break going but Barbara scored the best to win +6 on time.

In the afternoon, Richard gave Roger 4.5 bisques.
Roger took them all straight away to win +26 and be first off.
Peter did not do as well with his bisques against Ken, as he had against Tony.
Ken was was able to make progress after Peter's bisques ran out and passed him for the first time just before time ran out to win +1 on time.

Tony and Barbara were on level play. Tony's superior hitting in, gave him a good lead. Barbara hit in late in the match but it was too late to make the 2 good breaks she needed and the game ended with Tony in the lead +11 on time.
Derek's 6 extra bisques and the hard conditions were too much for Margaret and she never looked like catching up and lost -13 on time.

Report by Roger Schofield

Bury HGC Team v Westmorland 20th June @ Levens Hall

Westmorland 10 Bury 8

Bury team. Bernard Lord, Roy Spencer (Capt.), Pat Lord, John Cassell.
Westmorland team. Mike Hayward, David Snaith, Elaine Newman, Fiona Armer (Capt).

The first outing for the new HGC team away at picturesque Levens Hall, with a beautiful sunny day but not too hot.

Whilst the home team won both doubles, we had a good run in the singles with some closely contested games several going to extra hoop. At lunch time with 14 games complete it was 7 all. However Westmorland won 3 of the remaining games with the overall result of 10 - 8.

Whilst a loss overall the team performed well against some low handicap players, and showed good promise.

Thanks to our hosts who made us most welcome and an enjoyable day.

Report Roy Spencer Captain, Bury HGC Team

B Level Advanced AC Bury v Bowdon 20th June @ CP

Bury 0 Bowdon 5

Fylde v Bury Caesars 19th June @ Fylde

Fylde 2 - Caesars 5

A warm and sunny morning saw Caesars at a heavy disadvantage with bisques, Anne and Chris Alvey
were teamed up for the doubles match and were pretty even with their opponents with only half a bisque between them however Roger Schofield and Tony Phillips’ had 13 and 14 ½ against them respectively.

Anne and Chris took the win 26-18 with Anne having to finish the last 4 hoops with a 3-ball break after Chris had been pegged out. Roger was unable to match his opponents’ bisques and was defeated, but Tony made an incredible comeback with his second ball to win the game with a golden hoop after the timer had gone.

The afternoon placed Tony and Roger in a similar position with Chris joining them with his opponent having 10 to his 4, Tony was playing against 12 ½ bisques and Roger against 8. Chris having taken one ball to peg and the other to rover in quick succession, once again had one of his balls taken out of the game to leave him to make rover and then shoot at the peg. After some to and fro he succeeded in pegging out and winning 26-14, with Anne finishing shortly after with a 26-11 win. Tony played to time but was unable to take the win; however Roger having taken his partner to time where it was all equal jammed in a hoop which his opponent then knocked him through shooting for a croquet and Roger took the last game of the day.

All told Caesars won 5-2, Fylde were very welcoming and looked after us well… (apologies to them for winning).

Report Chris Alvey

Pendle v Bury Vikings 17th June @ Pendle

Pendle 7 - Bury 10

Roger Schofield, David Barrett, Richard Leach and Margaret Eccles travelled to Pendle.
We got off to an excellent start by winning all four of our opening games but mixed fortunes followed
and at the end of the day we had to win 2 out of the last four.

Richard and Margaret came good and we were very happy to come away with a 9-7 win.

Report Margaret Eccles

Internal Comps begin
The Internal Competition Draw has been emailed to entrants
and also posted up to our web
To view, press link below or go to 'Internal Comps' at the top of any of our web pages

Bury Vikings v Bury Crusaders Sat 12th June @ CP
Bury Crusaders beat Bury Vikings 10-6
Vikings Team: Barbara Young, Ruth Burnham, Richard Leach and Margaret Eccles
Crusaders: Chris Alvey, Anne Alvey, Carol Hampson and Helena Nuttall

HGC Team practice day 11th June @ WP
The HGC Team held a practice day on 11th June 2021. The purpose of the day was to introduce new team members to the typical format of a league match,
and also provide existing team members with an opportunity of some match practise.

The team was split into two groups: The Yellow Team (“Home side”), The White Team (“Away side).

Each side consisted of a mixture of existing team members with lower handicaps and less experienced
members with high handicaps.

The Yellow side narrowly won both doubles games and started off winning 3 singles, and it was beginning
to look like they were going to run away with it. However The Whites rallied and took 5 matches in a row.

The remaining afternoon games were equally shared, with the final game either giving a win to Yellows or
a draw for Whites.....

The Whites won creating an honourable draw.

Overall there were some competitive matches, some going to 13th hoop.

A great team building day, with thanks to experienced members providing coaching – particularly use of extra turns,
and to the newer members all of whom played well and wholeheartedly involved themselves.

Also thanks to Margaret Eccles who acted as referee, advisor, guide & mentor.

A mutually beneficial and encouraging day which should provide a competitive team for matches this season.

Report Roy Spencer Captain, Bury HGC Team

NWFCC Level Play Golf Bury v Crake Valley Thurs 3rd June @ Crake
Crake Team: Peter Wardle, Stephen Skelton and David Cornes
Bury Team: David Barrett, John Gilmartin and Ken Eccles
Crake Valley beat Bury 13 - 5

End of game comment -- by our players--
All team members need to practice more and start playing against other low handicap players
The Crake team members had already experienced playing in various Tournaments around the country this season
--and it showed.!!
Report David Barrett

Caesars v Peelers Sun 30th May @ CP
The weekend AC league started for the two Bury teams on a Glorious Saturday Morning. The morning play saw Anne Alvey and Barbara Young both running to rover in the doubles and leaving Margaret Eccles and Chris Alvey to slog it out as the other half of the doubles pairs. After Anne pegged out Barbara’s ball it turned it in Chris and Anne’s favour and they went on to win. Phil Nuttall played Tony Phillips and Richard Leach was drawn against Paul Kenworthy, resulting in a win for Tony (Caesars) and one for Paul (Peelers); putting Caesars 2:1 up going into Lunch.

The afternoon saw Barbara playing Chris, Margaret against Anne, Tony playing Paul and Phil and Richard battling it out. Both Anne and Chris won for Caesars and Paul and Phil for Peelers taking the match result to 4:3 to Caesars.

There was even chocolate cake provided by Anne to go with a cup of tea on the sun kissed lawns

Report Chris Alvey (Caesar's Team Captain)

B Level Advanced AC Southport v Bury Sat 29th May @ Southport
Bury - Paul Kenworthy, Tony Philip, Roger Schofield
Southport - Barbara Haslam, Alan Pidcock, Brian Lewis

Covid restrictions partially lifted we travelled to a cloudy and occasionally sunny Southport. Everyone was out of practise and no one made any big breaks in the morning.

The morning doubles resulted in a win for Southport by one hoop.
Paul beat Barbara Haslam by 12 hoops with neither player running more than 4 hoops in succession.

In the afternoon Paul pegged out against Alan Pidcock for a 26-1 victory.
The other games were tighter but Tony beat Brian Lewis and Roger beat Barbara Haslam.

Hence Bury won 4-1.

Report Paul Kenworthy (Team Captain)

Bury CC Girls to be Proud of
Two of our well loved and popular members have recently been awarded the
‘Girl Guide Service Award’.
Jean Hargreaves for a wonderful 50 years.
Margaret Eccles for an amazing 40 years.
Our other member Janet Wood has also, in the past, been awarded this.
Janet now has 63 years under her belt and amazingly was also awarded the British Empire Medal in 2019 for her services to Guiding.

Congratulations ladies, what a great achievement by three great ladies.
You are an inspiration to us all and this is on top of all you do for Bury Croquet Club and the Croquet world in general.

New Video for AC made by our very own Chris Alvey
Video designed to encourage GC players to have a go at AC.

First official match of the season Bury Vikings v Fylde Sat 22nd May @ CP
We were very fortunate that our first game of the season fell on a sunny and pleasant day amid all the rain. It was very good to meet up with friends from Fylde who we have not seen for such a long time and also to meet some new, enthusiastic players.

Although enjoyable, the result was strongly in favour of Fylde with a win by 11 games to 5. Our honours going to Richard Leach who won two games with Roger Schofield, Barbara Young and Ruth Burnham winning one each.

The games were played in a very friendly atmosphere summed up after the match by the receipt of a text from one of their new players saying 'Thank you for a lovely day. You've all encouraged me to play away from home again.'

Report Margaret Eccles (Team Captain)

Bury Croquet Club in Lancashire Life

JACK GOOD WINS the 'Carol Lewis Trophy' at Southport 15th May
Congratulations to our youngest member Jack Good who brought home
the Carol Lewis Trophy at Southport Croquet Club on May 15th.
The event attracted players with handicaps ranging from -1.5 to +24,
including Alan Pidcock and Don Williamson from Southport.
Southport also provided the defending champion
Peter Williams and the field was completed with Sue Pritchard and Neil Adams from Westmorland and brothers
Richard and David Harding from Llanfairfechan.

The trophy went to Jack Good who completed the day unbeaten and earned handicap reduction from 16 to 14.
Interestingly Jack has actually played 11 games of full lawn AC!
Jack is also featured, along with other members in a 4-page article about
Bury Croquet Club in the May/June edition of Lancashire Life.

Report Roy Spencer

Jack Good wins All England AC Club Qualifier 1st May 2021 @ CP
Congratulations to Jack Good for winning the club qualifier.
Others players were Richard Leach, Roger Schofield and Ken Jones.
Jack will now go forward into the Area Qualifiers in August also to be held at Bury.
For an indepth analysis from Graham, please press link below.

More Piccies of CP - April 2021

Coronation Park is looking lush!!
Our new groundsman Ian Turrell is doing a grand job.
Hopefully we can play there soon!!

Interesting new Croquet website by Paddy Chapman. Its a resource for learning and improving AC play along with some excellent pictures and graphics.
Click link below to visit Paddy's website

WP Update March 2021

Please follow link below

Carol finally has her official 2020 Graduation on 20th March 2021

Carol Hampson has been studying for two years for a Masters Degree with the University of Buckingham.
Her subject was the work of the accomplished but much overlooked painter Alexei Jawlensky.
She finally got her results, with Merit, during 2020.
The title of her thesis is:

The Overshadowing of an Important Career:
Alexei Jawlensky considered in relation to his fellow members of Die Blaue Vier (The Blue Four).

She reports that it has been two years of enjoyment, travelling up and down the M6, going abroad to Wiesbaden to interview
the curator of the Jawlensky collection there and doing detective work in venues providing sources of information.
At the same time it has improved Carol's German as the the majority of texts about his life and work are in that language.

However, due to the Coronvirus pandemic the degree ceremony could not take place in the normal way but Carol and the
other 2020 graduates eventually got their graduation 'ceremony' on 20th March 2021 where all the names of people receiving
degrees were officially read out at The Univeristy of Buckingham. The following is a link to the ceremony.
Carol is mentioned on 'Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020' - skip forward to approx 52min 52secs for Carol's name.

Carol lives in a McCarthy & Stone block and FirstPort (who manage the block) have a magazine Life & Style.
When the editor found out about Carol's success he got really excited and let a publicist firm know too.
What followed was a telephone interview with a journalist Beverley Kloos in Worcester. She has written an article and is going
to place it with news organizations near Carol's home. Carol recommended the article be slanted to mention
Bury Croquet Club and submit it to the Bury Times ... we will keep our fingers crossed!!

Well done Carol you are a marvel!!

Sheila Bruckshaw R.I.P. 15th February 2021

It is with very great regret and sadness to report that we lost our well loved member Sheila Bruckshaw on 15th February 2021.
Sheila has been a member of Bury Croquet Club for a very very long time and everyone was in awe of her resiliance and longevity, playing croquet and driving at the grand age of 96!! She was an excellent player winning many trophies over the years and the 'Thursday Afternoon Golf Practice Group' will miss her dearly.
We will also miss her hard work helping out on start of season clean-up days at both sites!!

From the obituary in the Bolton Evening News: Sheila was a much loved aunt and friend to many. She lived all her life in Bolton attending Bolton School and after training in physical education at Liverpool, she taught at Chorley Grammer School.

Sheila's funeral will take place on Monday 8th March by invitation only.
Family flowers only, donations may be made in memory of Sheila for BOLTON HOSPICE or THE WOODLAND TRUST c/o The Livesey Funeral Service, The Private Chapel, Church St, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 7BR 01204 696311

Donation to Bury Hospice in memory of David Leach

It is with very great regret and sadness that we lost our dear friend David on 19th November 2020
Margaret and the family asked for no flowers but donations for Bury Hospice in David's memory.
We have had a great response and we can announce that we have collected a wonderful sum of

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