2017 - Federation Festival Champs
and a New National AC Champion...
oh, and a League Title.

Coronation Park
New Road
M26 1LS

Ten Pin Bowling, The Rock, Bury 9th January

As has become traditional, our first event of the year was a visit to play ten pin bowling at The Rock.
This year we had 12 players most of whom played 3 games.
The winner for the second year running was Phil Nuttall with an average of 132 and he also achieved the highest score of the evening on a single game of 153. The second highest single score of 134 was posted by Roy Spencer. However the runner-up with an average of 115 was Ken Anderton.

The final order of results was
Phil, Ken, Roy, Paul, David B, David L and Derek, Jean, Barbara, Margaret, Richard, Ruth.

Altogether a most enjoyable start to the year, & 36.20 was raised....report supplied by BY


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Quiz & Pie Night at WP 31st March

Chris Alvey reports.."The first Quiz night held at Whitehead park last night was a great success (by that I mean, I as the quizmaster made it out alive).
A full house taking part in testing quiz followed by a raffle and a pie and peas supper, compliments all round from visitors and members alike.




....unfortunately no reports received.....

Club Golf Doubles, May 2nd at WP

We had 16 entries initially, doing progressive play low and high handicappers against another set of the same.
However we had a setback when Janet Gilmartin stood on a ball and fell hurting her wrist. She was very shocked and it was very painful. Having put a support bandage on and a sling we sent for an ambulance as her colour was not good (she has apparently broken it twice before). Off her and John went to NMGH where it was later confirmed that she had a break.

Then Joan had to leave early as she had a doctor's appointment.

That put us down to 13 and as I also wasn't well it became 12 but heavily low handicap weighted. Two members came to watch so I encouraged them to play a couple of games each to reduce the sitting out for the others.

Paul K narrowly won the low handicap trophy and similarly Susan Hardman won the high handicap one.


Annual Cober Hill Visit 19th May - 22 May

Helena Reports;
Over 20 people joined the trip this year and a great time was had by all. The weather smiled on us with only one mini shower on Saturday but because we are made of stern stuff it did not stop play!
Many thanks have to be given to Jean Hargreaves and Sue & David Barrett who did a fantastic job of organising the hotel, the croquet and the evening entertainment.
We rounded off the trip with our usual 'Olympics' of indoor sports which consisted of 12 challenges. The most difficult being 'splat the rat'. Unbelievably 3 people managed to catch one (Phil Nuttall, Ken Eccles and Ken Anderton), we now call the them the 'rat pack'.

The croquet winners are as follows:
Association Low Handicap - Margaret Anderton & Runner up - Barbara Young
Association High Handicap - Phil Nuttall & Runner Up - Helena Nuttall
Golf Low Handicap - Richard Harvey & Runner up - Derek Deadman
Golf High Handicap - Pam Hunter & Runner up - Peter Blythin


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At Whitehead Park.

What a brilliant day. The weather was good to us and the sun shone as the Mayoress of Bury, Mrs Dorothy Gunther, visited us to open our new facility.

There was a good turnout of visitors and along with our own members everything culminated in a very enjoyable day.
Many thanks go to all members for their hard work and to Pat Carter for the fabulous cake - delicious!.


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Lancashire South East Trefoil Guilds Annual Tournament

Jean Hargreaves reports: Last week (Tues 13th June) about 38 members of Lancashire South East Trefoil Guilds, together with club helpers, gathered together for their Annual Croquet Tournament. For the first time this was held at our Whitehead Park venue. 32 playing members had a great time battling it out. Play is in Doubles with as far as possible people playing with someone from another Guild.The winning pair this year were from Rochdale and Bury Peel Guilds.
Everyone commented how lovely the venue was and some are hoping to bring other groups to have a go.


Southport Annual Festival 24th/25th June.

The Yellow squad are winners again! – Taking pole position in both the Golf Shield and Overall Championship Title.

A very successful weekend was blessed with good weather, members stayed on Friday & Saturday nights at an excellent hotel and enjoyed lovely meals (and alcohol of course!). Both hotel and evenings were thanks to Margaret Eccles/Susan Hardman.

Out on the lawns:

Advanced Doubles

Although the trophy for this was not won, the battle was valiantly fought by Paul Kenworthy and Barbara Young on Saturday with David Barratt teaming up with Barbara on the Sunday whereupon they managed to avoid a whitewash by beating Crake handsomely.

Handicap Full Lawn

Had 3 players; Chairman Richard Harvey (Captain), Chris Alvey and Phil Nuttall. Each game was over an 18-point format which took some getting used to (starting at hoop 5)! Over the 2 days Bury won 3 of their 5 matches giving them 3rd place in the overall standings. Special mention must go to Chris Alvey for winning 4 of his 5 games which has led to him getting a reduction in handicap from 18 to 16!

Short Lawn

The Short team finished 2nd overall in their series of matches. Vi Richards (Captain), Anne & Chris Alvey, Helena Nuttall and Derek Deadman. Birthday Girl Vi led her team brilliantly where they had a great Saturday winning 8 of their matches, Sunday was a bit tougher but they managed to win another 2 matches.

Golf Team

Now to the triumphant Golf team consisting of 5 players; Ken Eccles (Captain), Derek Deadman, Helena Nuttall, Gill Freely and Roy Spencer. Applause to Margaret and Jean for keeping their wits about them, the timetable was re-arranged several times! The team had a superb Saturday winning nearly all their matches setting them up nicely for the next day. The team continued to make steady progress on Sunday although there were a few tense and anxious moments for players and supporters as some matches were won and lost on the golden hoop, none more so than the last match of the day where Helena fought back from 4-6 down to win on the golden hoop. Out of the 21 matches they won 15 losing only 6. Special mention must go to debutant Roy Spencer who won 4 of his 5 matches. Captain Ken Eccles proudly collected the Golf Croquet Shield on behalf of our Club.

Overall Championship

The final announcement of overall Champions kept us on tenterhooks by naming the teams in reverse order. We were all stunned by the announcement that the winners of the 2017 Championship were Bury. Overall captain Barbara Young and all the Bury players went up to collect the North West Federation Club Championship Cup from Federation League Manager Ivan Wheatley and tournament manager James Hawkins.











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Association Club Doubles, 1st July 2017

This year's Association Club Doubles event was played at Whitehead Park in welcome good weather. The 12 participants included two brave new members, Lynne and Alan Driver, who had not even yet finished the beginners' course. However they found the event an enjoyable and useful learning experience and both managed to win two games.

The event is organised as alternate shot doubles with low and high handicap players paired together and the pairings changed every round. Each round was timed for one hour and even with plenty of bisques available only two games reached a pegout. However after an enjoyable day's play five rounds had been completed. The clear winner of the Low handicap trophy with a clean sweep of 5 wins out of 5 was Paul Kenworthy.
The High handicap group was a closer affair with the winner being Jean Hargreaves with 4 wins, runner up Joan Hancock with 3 wins and all the others achieving 2 wins each.

The trophies were presented by Barbara Young - The Event Organiser.
Barbara Young

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Bury Croquet Club - Heat Of Grass Roots 5th July

Six members participated in this event. It was an All play All arrangement followed by the top four playing semi-finals, and then we had the final and play off for 3rd and 4th places.
The games were well contested with not all of the results showing the battles that went on in some games. Only one game didn't get past hoop 9.
After the first 5 rounds the winner was John Gilmartin having won all his 5 games. Following this were Gill Freely and Roy Spencer with 3 wins each. Making up the 4th player for the semi-finals was David Leach with 2 wins.
Again the semi-finals were strongly fought especially with David putting some pressure on John by having a 3-0 start to the game. However John fought back and eventually won the game 7-5. In the other semi-final Gill and Roy were battling it out, yet another score 2-7 to Roy that didn't show the battle taking place.
The final therefore was between John and Roy. Despite some excellent play the result was 7-3 to John. In the play off for 3rd and 4th places David started off very well getting to 4-0, then Gill fought her way back but lost on hoop 12 the score being 7-5 to David.
Congratulations to John on 7 out of 7 wins and winning the club round of Grass Roots overall.
Good luck to both John and Roy who both go forward to represent our club in the final in Nottingham on 24th September.
Jean Hargreaves

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Bury Croquet Club National 'B' Level Golf Competition 8th July.

Hosted by Bury CC
Managed by Bury members Jean Hargeaves and David Barrett

Winner - David W Boyd (Chester)

16 players enjoyed a beautiful day of weather at Whitehead Park to battle it out for the Bury CC Round of this National B Level Golf tournament.
Play was in two blocks, all play all, with many keenly fought games. Out of 60 games 15 went to the Golden Hoop and 11 more went to hoop 12.

The eventual winners and runners up from the blocks couldn't be verified until after the last rounds in the 2 blocks. In Block A Trevor Farrell (Chester) was the winner with 5 wins out of 7. That left us with five players on 4 wins. Using the 'who beat who' Philip Nuttall (Bury) came out as second.

In Block B we had 3 players on 5 wins before the final round. The winner was David W. Boyd (Chester) with 6 wins. Again using 'who beat who' last year's winner Roger I'Anson (Ripon) came second.

In the semi finals Roger beat Trevor 7-6 and David beat Phil 7-5.
In the play off for 3rd and 4th places Trevor beat Phil 7-5 whilst in the final the battle between David and Roger went all the way to the Golden Hoop with David taking the honours 7-6... The game could have gone either way.

Everyone enjoyed the long day in the brilliant sunshine.
Congratulations to all and good luck in the final David....submitted by Jean Hargreaves

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Federation Handicap Golf Tournament, 15th July

Hosted by Bury CC Whitehead Park Managed by Bury member Jean Hargeaves

Winner - Roger Edwards from Craig Y Don

This year ten players from six clubs took part in the Federation Handicap Golf tournament at Bury.
The day started fine but shortly became rather damp with the almost constant drizzle, and occasional heavy shower
The format was block play with the winners of one block playing the second place from the other block. The remaining players also had other games to play

Seventeen of the original block play of twenty games went at least to hoop eleven with three of those going to the Golden Hoop.
In Block A Roger Edwards from Craig Y Don gained 1st place with Janet Smith from Fylde in second place. In Block B John Gilmartin from Bury came first with Terry Dunbar from Southport in second place.

In the semi-finals Roger beat Terry on the Golden Hoop and John beat Jan at hoop 11.
The final was won by Roger 7-4 whilst the play off for 3rd and 4th places was won by Jan 7-5.

All enjoyed the day despite the weather. Thanks to all the Bury members who helped on the day.

Well done and congratulations Roger........ Submitted by Jean Hargreaves.

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Symons Cup - Edgbaston Handicap Weekend Tournament 15/16 July


Winner Barbara Young

Barbara Young won the Symons Cup at the Edgbaston Handicap Weekend.
This was Barbara’s first visit to Edgbaston and she reports that the lawns were excellent and that this helped her to return to
form with some good play. Barbara narrowly lost the first game -3 while getting used to the speed of the lawns and then won the remaining four,
the last being a tight finish depending on a long distance hit-in when she beat the hostess for the weekend who had won all her previous games.
Since the hostess had only played 4 games Barbara was adjudged the overall winner on percentages.

Association Fun Day, Whitehead Park, 22nd July

Hosted at Whitehead Park, organisers Jean Hargeaves and David Barrett

A great day was had by all at the Fun Day and the weather looked on us favourably.

Vi Richards was the overall victor and won the coveted 'X' (ten) trophy.

One of our newest members Roger Harper and one of our advanced players Barbara Young each won the Flamingo trophies and were overjoyed to be taking them home!

Many thanks goes to Jean Hargreaves and David Barrett for their excellent organisation and generally thanks goes to all to who helped make it a fantastic day.

It was lovely to welcome the ladies from Bowdon who made a special trip over to be with us on the day



Birthday Celebration For Jean Oldfield, 24th July


Jean says a big thank you to all who went to her birthday 'do' o Monday. She had a lovely time.
She also says a VERY BIG thank you for the 350 she was given to go to a charity of her choice.


Whitehead Park AC Handicap Tournament 6th Aug

Joint winners Margaret Anderton and Malcolm Daines


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Golf Fun Day 8th Aug

Winners on the day were;

Joker - Harry Anderton and Kath Hough (Culcheth)
Bonus - Cyd Harbottle (Fylde) and Gill Freely
10 minute - John Gilmartin
Mini Croquet - Kath Hough
Straight Line - Ken Eccles
Double Evens - Ken Eccles
Crazy Croquet - Vi Richards
Score the Hoop - Hilary Deadman

Photos from Derek Deadman

Nuttall Friends Tournament 1st September

The occasion was brilliant and enjoyed by all. Everyone got a really good taster and appreciation for the game. Most people asked if we could do it again and so we will definitely be repeating it in 2018.
We would like to thank everyone who helped make the occasion run smoothly and acted as mentors to the groups.
People expressed how friendly everyone was. The potato pie provided by Sue and Mac was a very big hit

The competition winners:
1st Chris Berry
2nd Tina Berry
3rd Alan Driver
4th Ron Gorton
5th Dorothy Freeman
6th Matt Berry
7th Lynne Driver
8th John Allen


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Fylde CC 2nd/3rd September All England AC Regional Final.


Phill Nuttall again won the regional final with a clean sheet 5/5.
He will now go to Wrest Park for the National final in two weeks, accompanied by runner-up Libby Dixon(Pendle).

The tournament was a real test of all round skill. Scorching Sunshine for the first three games with players working hard on hydration and shade. This was followed by two games in constant drizzle on Sunday with players seeking shelter and towels.

Phil triggered down to handicap 16 automatically, so will have is work cut out down there again.. good luck Phill



17th September, Bury Club Win the Handicap League.

Congratulations to Bury Peelers for winning the NW Hcp league again.. they have the title and cant be caught with a game in hand.

Wrest Park, 16/17th September All England AC (Hcp) National Final.

Phil Nuttall WINS!!!.. and he did it in style with a clean sheet of 5/5 without dropping a game, he also triggers down to Hcp 14.
Libby Dixon(Pendle) was runner-up in second place - maintaining the same order the pair finished two weeks ago in the Fylde hosted Regional...

Bury, yet again get to hang the "Tray" up in the club house - we last had it in our possession '14/15 thanks to GG's victory.

Trophies were presented by CA President, Quiller Barrett,



National Final of Grass Root 24th September

20 players from all over the country gathered at Nottingham Club to sort out supremacy in this their first taste of national tournament pressure.

Our own John Gilmartin and David Leach had made it through the local NW regional heat and were placed into seperate halves of the american blocks so they couldn't take each other out.

John made it out of the blocks into the KO but David couldn't quite make it.

In the KO, John met the eventual runner-up, and thus ended up in the shield...such was his success that he finished 7th (out of 20).

David with a 7-0 win in his last game finished in 17th but I hope that this taste of the national scene starts them on a path of tournament play......

Results on CroquetScores

Bury went to Italy 21st-26th September

Well, our skilled and experienced GC team (Richard, Ken & Margaret, Carol, Roy, Vi & Peter (non-playing comedian and ball-boy), set off to play in the international Coppa (Cup) del Serchio in Lucca, Tuscany. Although no-one from England won the cup, we had two quarter-finalists (Roy and Margaret) and an awful lot of fun.

The lawn at host Lucca Croquet Club has been relaid this year, so it was decided to play at the Tennis Club at Vicopelago, a short taxi ride away. The facilities at the tennis club are excellent, bar, nice restaurant with good food, changing and showering facilities, and Nadia, an Italo-Scots lady who looked after us. And we had the use of a football field, where 2 croquet lawns were set out.

Arriving on Friday to practise before the weekend competition, we found hoops, pegs and boundaries all set up for us. But no croquet balls, which limited our practise (virtual croquet, anyone?) However the tennis club cheerfully lent us some balls, so off we went. The balls, being tennis balls, were of more or less the same colour, making the order of GC play not always clear. But we managed. We found that shooting in a perfect line will send a TB through a hoop, just like a CB.

However we rapidly discovered that being even slightly out of line will make the TB bounce back, well, almost anywhere. Naturally we rapidly adapted our tactics, with degrees of unsuccess. But we were told that our laughter could be heard in the clubhouse, most un-golf-clublike behaviour! But nobody told us off and then the CB's arrived.

The field had a grass:weed ratio of about 1:10, with random clumps to add interest, so accuracy was not always a factor, and we adopted the 'hit hard and pray' approach, which seemed to be the principle of our opponents. This could result in unexpected changes in direction and quite often jump shots out of the blue. Sometimes you do well and sometimes you don't.

Anyway we got Roy and Margaret through to the quarter-finals, so Bury Croquet Club was up there with Italians, Spaniards, an Australian, an American and other Brits. The competion was won, perhaps unsurprisingly, by Alberto Agostini, chairman of Lucca Croquet Club, who is used to playing in these conditions. His jump shots are the best I have ever seen, although he sometimes gets carried away and the ball bounces off the top of the hoop!

Did we win? No! Does it matter? No! Did we have a fantastically enjoyable time? Yes we did!

Richard, Chairman


JUDITH 3rd October

Of course it chose the prettiest flower in the garden!!
Photographr Derek Deadman


Final NW League Positions.

AC Advanced - Not Contested
AC 'B' Adv 4th out of 6 teams
AC Hcp 1st and 9th out of 9 teams
AC Midwk 4rd out of 7 teams
AC Sht 5th out of 7 teams

GC Lvl 7th out of 9 teams
GC 5th & 9th out of 9 teams



Annual Club Championship Results 15th October

Update from Barbara Young

Hi Everyone
I am pleased to report that all the Finals have now been played, the last 2 this morning when there were plenty of people at the Coronation work day including the chairman to present the trophies.

So congratulations to the winners;

Golf Level Play
Golf Open
Golf 8+

- Malcolm Daines
- Phil Nuttall
- Barbara Young
- Barbara Young
- Judith Gaskell
- David Leach

Neighbourhood Engagement Events
Radcliffe 9th Nov & Brandlesholme 13th Nov

Report by Margaret Andrerton

Phil, Ken and Margaret A attended these events at Radcliffe and Bury West with a table full of information and leaflets about croquet and our club. We gave out quite a lot of leaflets and collected names to contact later. We also did a lot of networking with representatives from other groups in the area.

The organisers are hoping to have another round of these events in the spring and we think that the club should definitely attend these. There were five events this time covering the different areas of Bury and next time the club could send representatives to all of them - not necessarily the same people at each event.


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New Zealand Tray Trophy presented by Phil Nuttall to Bury CC on behalf of CA

All England AC Handicap Champion, Phil Nuttall, presented the tray to Bury CC Chairman Richard Harvey at the AGM (25th Nov).

The trophy, which was given by the New Zealand Croquet Association to the CA in 1956, is to be displayed in the club until it is played for at the next tournament in 2018.


Club Christmas Party, 13th Dec

Whitehead Park hosted the party for all members.
What a great time was had by all. Lashings of mulled wine and a fabulous spread of potato pie and cheese pie plus mushy peas and complimentary accompaniments. Our esteemed chairman became Santa for the night greeting guests as they arrived. Many thanks go to all that participated in preparing for the event (and cleaning up afterwards) and to all that attended and made it a great event.

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