2012 Season
Wettest Summer in 100 years

Coronation Park
New Road
M26 1LS

December 13th '11, Pilsworth

10 pin Bowling - Winner Paul Kenworthy
This continues to be popular with our biggest turnout to date, 17 members this year competitively bowling over 3 lanes.
To enable laughs rather than scores to carry the evening, gutter bumpers were utilised for all players, some even using ball guide drops to deliver their efforts.
After all had three games, the final scores were as always close together, but the shock of the evening was our perennial winner, Ken finally losing his title to Paul for the first time. The Wooden spoon this year was taken by Gordon, again for the first time.
Now on with those Chrismas preparations - Enjoy the festivities




Heaton Park 31st March/1st April, 12th Lancashire International Open Golf Championship

Another great very early season curtain raiser as 18 contenders met yet again in the sort of weather we're getting used to at this event - mild spring sunshine. He's back to his best - Who? Our 2010 winner, Ian Lines, who couldn't defend the title last year due to injury, but no such problems this year as he marched through the strongest entry field ever to regain the title in yet another thrilling 3 game final, coming back from being a game down against Paddy Chapman.
Ian, Paddy, Rutger and James were all using this event to shake of the winter blues prior to entering the Worlds down in Australia in three weeks - good luck to all.

Hosted by Bury CC

Mangaged by Bury member Geoff Young.
Bury Club Chairman Barbara Young presented the Trophys,

The consolation doubles was taken by Ros Pimlott and Debbie Cornelius (Debbie's first trophy since 1995!).


Paddy Chapman Paddy 7-2 5-7 7-5 Paddy
6-7 7-6 7-6
5-7 7-4 7-6
Ryan Cabble
James Hopgood James 7-4 7-4
Bob Connop
Ian Lines Ian 7-4 4-7 7-3 Ian 7-6 7-6
Lionel Tibble
Paul Rigge Rutger 7-5 6-7 7-2
Rutger Beijderwellen

Full Block Results - top four from each into Bo3 KO.
Derek Buxton 02-07 06-07 02-07 07-05 07-04 02-07 07-03 03-07  
Paddy Chapman 07 - 02 07-05 07-06 07-04 07-00 07-06 07-06 07-05  
Patrick Duke-Cox 07 - 06 05 - 07 04-07 05-07 07-03 05-07 05-07 02-07  
James Hopgood 07 - 02 06 - 07 07 - 04   07-03 07-03   07-05  
Tudor Jenkins 05 - 07 04 - 07 07 - 05   07-01 05-07 07-06 03-07  
Joan Langridge 04 - 07 00 - 07 03 - 07 03 - 07 01 - 07 01-07 07-06 00-07  
Ian Lines 07 - 02 06 - 07 07 - 05 03 - 07 07 - 05 07 - 01 07-03 07-05  
Ros Pimlott 03 - 07 06 - 07 07 - 05   06 - 07 06 - 07 03 - 07 02-07  
Paul Rigge 07 - 03 05 - 07 07 - 02 05 - 07 07 - 03 07 - 00 05 - 07 07 - 02  


David Barrett 02-07   07-06 04-07 07-06 05-07 07-05 03-07  
R Beijderwellen 07 - 02 07-02 07-05 07-01 07-04 07-05 07-04 07-04  
Eileen Buxton   02 - 07 03-07 06-07 06-07 03-07 07-06 07-05  
Ryan Cabble 06 - 07 05 - 07 07 - 03 06-07 07-05 07-02 07-03 04-07  
Bob Connop 07 - 04 01 - 07 07 - 06 07 - 06 04-07 00-07 07-06 07-01  
Debbie Cornelius 06 - 07 04 - 07 07 - 06 05 - 07 07 - 04 07-04 07-02 01-07  
Robert Dodds 07 - 05 05 - 07 07 - 03 02 - 07 07 - 00 04 - 07 07-06 04-07  
Barry Keen 05 - 07 04 - 07 06 - 07 03 - 07 06 - 07 02 - 07 06 - 07 01-07  
Lionel Tibble 07 - 03 04 - 07 05 - 07 07 - 04 01 - 07 07 - 01 07 - 04 07 - 01  


Pendle & Earby, 6th-9th April, John Beech Easter Tournament  


Andy Brandwood becomes the Champion, still less than a year since he took up our sport and continues Bury Croquet Club's reputation in this event.

This year, in a successful attempt to attract a full field, two parallel competitions were contested, the traditional ‘base 8 full handicap aka The John Beech’ & a new ‘level play advanced’ event.

Bury Club made up 25% of the field with five members attending for the full four days, four in the main JB.

Andy overpowered all before him to maintain a clean sheet and achieved 100% win rate to lift the overall title - photo, John's Widow, Kathleen, presenting to the new Champion.

Other members news;
Defending champion, Matt Holmes could only manage 7/11 this outing but collected the Low Handicap Cup for his efforts.
Paul Rigge, playing in the JB for the first time since 2003, collected the Most Games Played Cup with 6/12, but he also claims a half share in the Fastest Game Award, since he was on the recieving end of the drubbing +26 doled out by Alice Fleck inside 40 mins.

Southport, 14th/15th April, Spring Advanced Tournament  

Matt Holmes, fails in the KO but wins the Consolation Egyptian to earn further reduction to Hcp 1.

Heaton Park 21/22rd April, Neil Williams NW Federation Advanced Tournament

Hosted by Bury CC

Managed by Bury member Geoff Young.

Bury Club Chairman
Barbara Young presented the Trophys,

Neil Williams Millennium Cup - David Walters.
Woodlands Trophy - Roger Schofield.

Only Fourteen players were sent this year by their clubs to compete for the Federation's only advanced tournament of the year.
The Cup was played as a flexible swiss with David Walters displaying total dominance.
The Trophy was won by Roger Schofield again, he last held it three years ago.

The weather forcast for the weekend was dire but day one remained dry and calm, and only a single cloudburst on Sunday morning tried to spoil the enjoyment causing lawn one to flood for a couple of hours, solution - all retire to club house to eat Liz's birthday cake(s) and don tutus.


WALTERS, David bt GARCIA, Francois +24
COOPER, Ken bt WINN, Andrew +19
RIGGE, Paul bt PIDCOCK, Alan +24
LLOYD, Mark bt BARRETT, David +2
LOWE, Ray bt WILSON, Peter +22
SCHOFIELD, Roger bt HOLMES, Matt +15
WILSON, Liz bt GRAHAM, Dennis +19
Cooper bt Walters +2
Rigge bt Winn +7TP
Garcia bt Graham +1t
Wilson,L bt Pidcock +8
Schofield bt Lowe +19
Holmes bt Lloyd +18

  - cont

Wilson,P bt Barrett +5t
Schofield bt Pidcock +14
Lowe bt Wilson,L +19
Rigge bt Cooper +13
Walters bt Winn +20
Lloyd bt Garcia +3t
Holmes bt Graham +23
Walters bt Wilson,P +19TP
Lowe bt Winn +5
Barrett bt Rigge +7
Cooper bt Wilson,L +13
Walters bt Rigge +21
Cooper bt Lowe +26

  - cont

Winn bt Holmes +1
Schofield bt Wilson,P +5
Lloyd bt Wilson,L +7t
Garcia bt Pidcock +17
Graham bt Barrett +16
Lowe bt Holmes +3
Graham bt Rigge +6
Garcia bt Wilson,P +24
Wilson,L bt Barrett +9
Winn bt Lloyd +25
Walters bt Pidcock +10
Cooper bt Schofield +12
Rigge bt Holmes +17TP

Walters, Cooper 5/6
Schofield 4/5
Lowe 4/6

Lloyd, Garcia 3/5
Rigge 4/7
Liz Wilson 3/6
Graham 2/5

Winn 2/6
Barrett, Peter Wilson 1/5
Pidcock 0/5

High jinx in the hut during a cloud burst that submerged lawn one and left large puddles on two.

Luckily, Liz had lots of birthday cake (I did ask how old she was but she answered in croquet scores!).
You'll need to buy one of those present a drink to get any details about the dress or the special award given to Dennis!

Fun was had all weekend and we hoped Liz had a Happy Birthday.

Coronation Park,May 8th, Club Golf Doubles.

20 entries double banking on the 2 full lawns with a 5th foursome playing on a specially created extended length, narrower lawn set up at the far side!

It all worked very well indeed.

8 rounds were played to time limits of 30 minutes and then semi-finals and final each to a 40 minute time limit. Reporter;Jean Hargreaves

The overall winners were Margaret Eccles and Jean Oldfield with a score of 6-2.








Heaton Park,May 12th, NW Federation Golf Singles (Hcp).

Jean Hargreaves reports; Glorious weather greated the 14 players from six clubs sent to play the NW Fed Golf Singles Handicap.

Play was in 2 blocks of 7 with top two from eack block qualifying for the KO
Ken Eccles (Bury) won all his matches to take 1st place.
The last matches in the block determined who got 2nd place with Mick Sandiford (Bury)and Alan Morton (Fylde) each having won 3. Mick won his last and Alan lost giving Mick 2nd place.

In the other block Margaret Eccles (Bury) and Betty Bates (Fylde) each won 5 games. With Margaret having beaten Betty she took 1st place and Betty 2nd.

In the semi-finals Ken beat Betty and Margaret beat Mick leading to a family (and Bury club) final!

Ken started off well but was overhauled with a fight back by Margaret. Ken then had to fight back to make it 6-6, taking the game to the Golden Hoop.

Margaret came out the eventual winner with 3 minutes to spare!
Photo; Ken, Dave Barrett(Manager) & Margaret. Thank you to all who took part.

Southport Croquet Club,May 26/27th, May Handicap Weekend.

The Brandwood Bandwagon Just keeps on barrelling along.

Bury's newest member, Andy Brandwood demolished a full field of players again this weekend to take his second title in only the first month of the new season.

The weather did an amazing change of face this week and the croquet lawns of Victoria Park shimmered in the heat as players from many clubs attended to participate in the Annual Jubilee Tankard Handicap Tournament.
The two day contest was played as both a straight tournament and a Swiss scored competition managed by John Haslam.

At the end of two sweltering days the final was played out by Southport’s Tony Thomas and Andy, and after a cautious but determined challenge, was ahead on hoops when the game reached time, giving him a popular win.

Visiting players were very complimentary about the friendliness and hospitality they had received, and the tournament efficiency of Southport croquet club. (Report;Kath Thomas).


Southwick (Brighton) Croquet Club, June 2-5th, 2012 Inter-Counties.

Lancashire remain in top flight despite fielding a weaker team than normal.

Bury members Matt Holmes & Paul Rigge turned out for their county over the Jubilee weekend on the south coast (Matt for the first time).

The campaign started badly with three straight losses, but over the course of the long bank holiday, the team gelled and managed enough wins to crawl up the leader board from the bottom, ending mid-table and beating neighbours, Cheshire, along the way to yet again re-affirm their Division one status.

Next year's contest will be a cracker - Yorkshire, having been promoted, after finishing second in Div2, will be fair game next May Bank!


Photo (l-r);Paul & Matt, Lee Hartley, David Openshaw(C), Dave Nick, Ailsa Lines.


9th June, Longman Cup 1st round of our 2012 campaign.

Bury travelled to Chester this year, with the same team turning out as we fielded in last year.
This year's team managed the same result - losing at the first hurdle, this time by 5-2..
Bury 0-3 down at lunch

Final score; Home win 5 - 2.

Full results, Bury names first

Mac Hardman(14)/Bob Whittle(20) lost to John Dawson & Dennis Holman 16-26
Graham Saunders(9) lost David Boyd 10 - 26
Andy Brandwood(12) lost to Alan Clare 9 - 26

Saunders lost to Clare 23 - 26
Hardman beat Dawson 26 - 13
Brandwood beat Boyd 26 - 25
Whittle lost Holman 8 - 26

We will try again next year......sigh.. 

16th June, Pendle & Earby's Summer Advanced Tournament.

Member Matt Holmes becomes the third player to achieve a CA GOLD badge for the club. (Tripple Peel & Pegout).

Brilliant, well done Mat, 

Pendle & Craven Midweek, July 4-6th.

Paul regains 2010 title at Pendle in *rain*

Seventeen entries. Heavy rain preceded the tournament but with a little attention, four lawns were available and all that we required with double banked doubles being scheduled each morning. Conditions became unusual. We played in warm dry conditions but each night we received rain of Biblical proportions. Clothing varied from full sailing waterproofs and flat soled deck wellies to short and t-shirt with bare feet. Gradually the water table rose making each morning a bit harder to clear.

On day three we lost a lawn. On day four the Met Office issued 1.3 Billion severe flood warnings about the impending Jet Stream crisis and the players congregated for the early presentations and to watch as the lawns finally succumbed to the majesty of Mother Nature. Nevertheless we completed everything except the doubles final which will be played at a later date between Peter Wilson & Eileen Rossiter v Liz Wilson & Garry Wilson (no relation!).



Photo (l-r).David Marsh: The Addict - Most games played. Eileen Galagher: The Irish Cup - Unrestricted Handicap Play.
Roger Staples: David Jenkinson Trophy - Open Advanced play Singles (C Class). Paul Rigge: The Pendle Rose Bowl - Open Advanced play Singles
and The Egyptian Cup - Fastest win in any tournament. Janet Davies: The David Hoyle Trophy - Handicap Runner up.

Heaton Park 7/8th July, Mid Summer Advanced Tournament

Hosted by Bury CC

Managed by Bury member Paul Rigge.

Bury Club Chairman
Barbara Young presented the Trophys,

Advanced Summer Silver Trophy - Andrew Winn.

Only Nine players braved the current *English Summer* to enter this year, but after sweeping the standing water of the three required surfaces on Friday prior to setting up, we didn't get another drop until all contestants had left Sunday evening.
Format; All play all as a single block - eight games each over the weekend? In the end it worked out and Bowdon Member ( what again????) Andrew Winn was the clear winner - totally unbeaten.

Andrew Winn Beat Dave Nick +17
Jon Lamb beat Matt Holmes +26TP
Jerry Guest beat Francois Garcia +4
Paul Kenworthy beat Mike Steer +15
Paul Rigge beat Matt Holmes +3 OTP
Jon Lamb beat Dave Nick +26
Andrew Winn beat Mike Steer +13
Fran Garcia beat Paul Kenworthy +16
Dave Nick beat Jerry Guest +17TP

Jon Lamb beat Paul Rigge +1T
Matt Holmes beat Jerry Guest +26
Paul Kenworthy beat Dave Nick +16
Andrew Winn beat Jerry Guest +19
Francois Garcia beat Mike Steer +23
Paul Rigge beat Paul Kenworthy +23
Jerry Guest beat Jon Lamb +19
Matt Holmes beat Dave Nick +13otp
Andrew Winn beat Francois Garcia +16
Matt Holmes beat Mike Steer +26TP

Jerry Guest beat Paul Kenworthy +11
Dave Nick beat Paul Rigge +2
Andrew Winn beat Paul Rigge +17
Jon Lamb beat Paul Kenworthy +4
Francois Garcia beat Matt Holmes +2t
Jerry Guest beat Mike Steer +1t
Andrew Winn beat Jon Lamb +2
Matt Holmes beat Paul Kenworthy +5
Paul Rigge beat Mike Steer +24
Francois Garcia beat Jon Lamb +6

Coronation Park 14th July, Association Fun Day

Another great *light hearted* event for club members and visitors alike.

Bury Club Chairman Barbara Young presented the Trophys.

Geoff Young won the 'X minute' speed event and Margaret Anderton with Graham Good took the Flamingo Doubles.


Flyde Club 28/29th July, Jubilee Trophy Handicap Tournament

Branwood still unstoppable - Cup presented by FCC Chair M Bradshaw.

A new tournament on the CA Calendar at this *new* club. It was advertised as being the ideal venue to enter your first tournament, and that's exactly what they got - a certain Susan Fulford ventured out for the first time to play singles, accompanied by her husband and FIVE time World Champion, Robert, who's played in 1 or 2 (thousand) before.

I'm struggling to think of any other sport where a World Title holder mixes it up with both club level players and beginners, and it's to all our credit and benefit this Croquet does indeed do this.

Our Bandwagon got to play Mr Fulford for the title - he didn't lose is cool and with two flawless breaks, won +26. What a name to have to enter onto his Handicap Record Card - wonderful!

Having Robert as a player made the tournament very special for all the players and everyone connected with Fylde, and after the silverware had been decided, Robert was asked if he would demonstate some shots for the crowd, he then proceeded to lay on an exibition sxp from the 'tea lady' leave, both remarkable and inspirational.


Mick Sandiford, 29th July RIP














Coronation Park 4th Aug, Grassroots Regional Final

Hosted by Bury CC

Managed by Bury member
Jean Hargreaves.

Ian Dampney
won from Bury's
Graham Good.

Bury's newest sensation in waiting - Graham Good (he only joined this year) blew his way into the final, but thats where his luck ran out, being beaten by visitor Ian Dampney (shown in play).

Still, since top eight from today all qualify for the Northampton finals, he could still lift a National Title in his first season.

Ian Dampney - Broadwas
Graham Good - Bury
Keith Terry - Ben Rydding
David Widdeson - Bishop Monkton

Willie Rob - North Hykeham
Will Drake - Ben Rydding
Keith Whitelam - North Hykeham
Gill Brooks - Broadwas

Nottingham Club 1/2nd September, Advanced Tournament

Matt Holmes climbs another twenty places in the UK rankings

Bury's No2 Matt Holmes is now snapping at the heels of the club's top spot after a great run against some serious opposition this weekend.
Matt played seven games and managed to win five of them, the losses meaning no silverware this time but he did manage two upsets along the way, so his UK ranking has reached an all time high as he continues to improve, just in time for his first appearance at this weekend's *Selectors Eight*
This year, the Selectors is being held at the Nottingham Club, so this runout on the lawns might just give him the edge needed to win it! Good Luck Matt.

Nottingham Club 7/10th September, CA *Selectors Eight*

Matt Holmes Wins this invitational 'Eight' at his first attempt

Bury's Matt Holmes, having made himself available for the CA's Eights Weekend was invited to play in the 5th Eight - "The Selectors", this year being held at Nottingham CC, where he competed last weekend in their Advanced Tournament.

It is run as a swiss to sort the wheat from the chaff for the first three days, then straight knockout on the last day.

Matt only dropped a couple of games and easily made the cut for the KO stage. In the semi-final he played Nick Steiner, the start of the game was scrappy with several breaks failing to progress. But then Matt turned to a bottle of Ramsbottom Craft Brewery Ale - proprietor M. Holmes Esq. (which had also been on sale during the weekend) and saw a James Death-esque upturn in his fortunes, going on to win +14, and then defeat Luc Berthouze in the final +13 lifting the title and trophy.


Northampton Club 10th September, CA Grass Roots

Graham Good finishes 4th

A gorgeous day, superb lawns but they sloped. Everyone was on time and we got off promptly at 10:00am. Format was progressive doubles, 25min games, 7 hoops.
First game we lost 2-5. My partner had the ability to ask what to do, completely ignore the suggestion and clear out my ball. Five times in total, twice from behind the hoop when I was already 'jawed '. Was it time to pack up and go home? I stayed, she finished last. The only question was how she got there in the first place.
Game 2. Northampton now have pegs. The opposition and my partner decided to use them. At hoop 2 it is 1-1, they are both using blue pegs! (But they're a different shade). By hoop 4 we have established that the each have some of both shades, so by hoop 7 there are 7 blue pegs of varying shades. Keith uses his 2p's in the pocket to keep score, I just remembered. Anyway we won 4-3.
We then won 6-1, 6-1, 5-2. So lunch arrived and I was in the top 4.
Game 6, at 3-3 I have left the hoop ready to win, my ball (black) is dead in line, 9 inches and wired from red. Yellow came thru' the back and missed me. Willie just has to move blue. I was busy watching my next opponent, I turned round to find that Willie has peeled yellow thru'. 'I thought I would jump it'. So that was 3-4.
Final game was an uneventful 4-3 except for Willie's partner asking could he jump. 'Yes', says Willie. Willie helpfully put our ball thru'. So after 7 rounds it was:
Tony 34pts
Ian 30pts
Graham 29pts
David 28pts

For some reason they did 1 v 3 & 2 v 4 so I played Tony Newport. I lost 7-4.
Tony beat David Widdeson 7-1 in the final.

Southport Club 7/11th September, CA *Spencer Ell*

Paul Rigge finished third in the third *CA Eight*

Paul became the first Bury member to be invited to play at this level for the first time and was somewhat relieved to learn that two players from this Eight were promoted up to the Chairman's Salver (2nd 8) at the eleventh hour, to be replaced by "weaker players" - putting Paul up to the sixth strongest on paper before a ball was struck.
The format is all play all over a five day contest and after three days play Paul was in joint lead!
However, over the final two days the games got tougher with some very strong tactical play being utilized, which Paul lost, so dropped down to third spot by the final bell.

Coronation Park 23rd September, Club Internal Finals Day

Bury Club Chairman

Barbara Young presented the Trophys.


Advanced - Paul Rigge.

Handicap - Graham Saunders.

All the club's internal finals were played on one of the only few dry days this year, although the ground was still wet under-foot and the hoops were put in gently since the holes were still filled with water!

Most club members turned to support the day, but was it to enjoy the spectacle of all Croquet disciplines being contested in a single day again or to enjoy Mac's famous Potato Pie at lunchtime? This year's charge for the feast - 5/plate, BUT the profit will be spent over winter on the lawns.
The rush for the pie was on, since non of the morning games; High Hcp Golf, Hcp AC & 14pt Short went to anything like time.

The Afternoon sesson of Hcp Golf was very closely fought over it's three games with some very sensible bisque expenditure being demonstrated by Margaret who played most thoughtfully.
In a repeat of last year's Level play advanced, Matt & Paul took to the court last, and it's a credit to the members that most stayed to watch. In a game where both players dropped a three ball break on winning turns, it was Paul who prevailed and fell over the line this year.


 Full Details
AC 26pt Advanced
AC 26pt Hcp
AC 14pt Hcp
Golf 13pt Hcp
Golf 13pt High Hcp

Paul Rigge +7
Graham Saunders
Bob Whittle
Paul Rigge 4-3t, 3-5t, 7-3
Jean Oldfield

Matt Holmes  
Tony Phillips
Tony Phillips
Margaret Eccles
Susan Hardman.

25th Anniversary Pre-Season Dinner and 2012 Trophy Presentation 


This years dinner had Fifty members and friends from Culcheth, gathered for this annual pre-season celebration of Bury Croquet Club's continuing growth.

Table photo shows our impressive collective 2012 haul, well done to all who contributed but this year's *Man of the Season* was Matt Holmes (right with Club Chair Paul Kenworthy). Seen here with his Selectors Trophy, won at his first invitation into an 'Eight Event'.
He also gained his CA Gold Award at Pendle's July event.

Also worth a mention is Andy Brandwood, who also won three club trophies, one of them against Robert Fulford in the Fylde final! (RF is 5 times world champion).

The function dinning room at Bury Golf Club again played host, many thanks to them.