Bury Croquet Club - 2008 Season.

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Coronation Park
New Road
M26 1LS

Highlight of this year's dinner was Club President
David Barrett receiving the CA's highest award (CA Diploma).
Seen here, having it presented to him by Mr Colin Irwin,
CA VP & Chair CA International Committee.



Club Finals Day Sat Sept 27th

All the club's internal finals were played in glorious warm sunshine and good humour..
Most club members turned out to enjoy the spectacle of all Croquet disciplines being contested.


AC 26pt Advanced
AC 26pt Hcp
AC 14pt Hcp
Golf 13pt Hcp
Golf 13pt High Hcp
Paul Rigge
Paul Kenworthy
Tony Phillips
Paul Rigge
Pam Hunter
Tony Phillips
Margaret Anderson
Colleen Folkin
Barbara Gillar
Joan Langridge

Heaton Park Sept 20/21st
Handicap Croquet Tournament

Winner - Elmyr Hughes (5) 5/5 + Bonze and Silver Award!
Runner up - David Key (24) + Hcp reduction

Two days of glorious summer weather greeted the contestants, handicaps from scratch to 24..

Fun Doubles 30th Aug

  Bury Croquet Club's annual Fun Doubles (and barbecue) was held on Saturday with some fourteen participants. The traditional game played is short-lawn alternate shot doubles, each pair having one player from the stronger and one from the weaker half of the field. The winner from the strong group was Graham Saunders, with four wins out of four games. The weaker-group winner was Joan Langridge with three out of four. An addition this year was a game aimed at the non-Association players with victory shared between Sheila Bruckshaw and Barbara Giller  

Golf Open Fun Day

10 Min
Straight Line
Sheila Bruckshaw
Sheila Bruckshaw
Ros Pimlott (Bowdon)
Eric Charters (Culcheth)
Margaret Yates
Anne Connop (Culcheth)
Margaret Yates
Mick Sandiford

Solomon Trophy - Heaton Park

2nd July 2008

GB retain 21 - 6

Only Sextuple this year, followed by an octuple to win the last rubber, how does it feel Keith?

Loads of media interest as GB take on USA - not all of it on the play.


LONGMAN CUP - Coronation Park 27th June 2008

Bury Vs Pendle & Craven, Bury win 5-2

After a full day of heavy rain the day before, the lawns were slower than normal. At lunch the home team had their nose in front, then after lunch, the experienced ‘Young’s’ secured the place in round 3 of this year's Cup run. Malcolm Hardman as Bury Captain, brought in the extra point for a final score of 5-2.
Full Results, Bury team first
Barbara & Geoff Young Vs Robin & Peter -17
Malcolm Hardman Vs Andrew Webb +18
Graham Saunders Vs Abdul Ahmad +12
Barbara Young(5) Vs Andrew Webb(5) +17
Geoff Young(11) Vs Abdul Ahmad (7) +22
Malcolm Hardman(14) Vs Robin Delves(10) +1t
Graham Saunders(16) Vs Peter Dewhurst(22) -4t

Heaton Park June 21/22nd
Advanced Croquet Tournament

KO Winner - David Walters, Swiss - Andrew Winn
(reversing the result in April at this venue).
KO Round 1
David Walters +19 vs Peter McDermott
Liz Wilson +1T vs Mel Foster
Peter Wilson +2 vs Tom Griffith
David Barrett +6 vs John Wastell
Round 2
David Walters +17tp vs Alan Pidcock
Andrew Winn +13 vs Liz Wilson
Ray Lowe +26 vs Peter Wilson
Ken Cooper +18tp
Round 3
David Walters +7 vs Andrew Winn
Ken Cooper +14 vs Ray Lowe

Final BO3

David Walters -21, +15, +14 vs Ken Cooper.
Swiss; Andrew Winn beat Ken Cooper +17tp
Ray Lowe beat Alan Pidcock +1T
John Wastell beat Mel Foster +6
Tom Griffith beat Peter McDermott +15
David Barrett beat Peter Wilson +11
Alan Pidcock beat Liz Wilson +16
John Wastell beat Tom Griffith +17
Peter McDermott beat Mel Foster +11
Andrew Winn beat Ray Lowe +23
Tom Griffith beat Liz Wilson +21
Alan Pidcock beat Mel Foster +17
Peter McDermott beat David Barrett +2T
John Wastell beat Peter Wilson +3T
Tom Griffith beat Alan Pidcock +15
Peter Wilson beat Mel Foster +15
Ray Lowe beat David Barrett +17
Andrew Winn beat John Wastell +10
Peter McDermott beat Liz Wilson +17

31st May 2008

Bury members celebrate 20 years since foundation

The 8th Lancashire International Open Golf Championship
Won by Tim King from Chris Sheen

April 12/13th 2008 Heaton Park Commonwealth Facility

Hosted by Bury CC

Mangaged by Bury member Geoff Young.
Bury club president David Barrett presented the Trophy
Twenty contenders spent the Saturday in two blocks of ten, in a format giving each 8 games. Block A was won by Ian lines with seven wins, Brian Storey and John Moore winning six and the fourth qualifier on who-beat-who from a three-way tie on five being Freda Vitty.
In Block B four six-game winners were similarly put into the sequence Chris Sheen, Samantha Curry, David Openshaw and Tim King.
This meant that in the KO phase on Sunday Ian and Tim met in a quarter-final. Overnight weather had delayed the start so they were put on the first playable lawn, 50 yards from the pavilion, much to the disappointed crowd who now had a poor view. The other three lawns trickled in later, so the average time loss was about an hour. The weather then cleared and progress was steady, the final fittingly being the last game to finish ( just before six) with Tim beating Chris 6-7 7-4 7-4. The 12 non-qualifiers played a round robin of doubles won by Dave Turner and Fergus Thompson.

The Neil Williams Advanced Tournament, 'A' won by Andrew Winn
'B' won by David Walters, both members at Bowdon

April 5/6th 2008 Heaton Park Commonwealth Facility

Hosted by Bury CC

Mangaged by Bury member Geoff Young.



Winn 6/7 Walters 5/5

The Northwest Federation's Millennium Advanced tournament took place once more at Heaton Park on the weekend 5-6 April. Eight contestants each in the A and B categories assembled bright and early on Saturday with a brisk wintry wind blowing. On the Sunday the start was bright sunshine on a scattering of fresh snow, leading to a delay until the greenkeeper gave his ok.

In the 'A' class a round robin was completed apart from one game of the last round whose players decided enough was enough. Ian Lines was in commanding form with lots of peels, not necessarily in complete sets. However the manager's plans went adrift when he lost in the sixth round to Andrew Winn, who had won four previuos games. At 3 pm the round was completed in quite heavy snow, but the contest was clearly in a critical state. Fortunately it eased while complex sums were being considered. In the last round Lines duly completed a seven-turn 26TP with Bob Burnett not taking croquet. Winn took rather longer to beat Paul Rigge and thereby win the Neil Williams Trophy on who-beat-who.
  In the B grade David Walters made few slips in winning all five games that time permitted. In the last round Mark Lloyd nearly came good to sneak in on who-beat-who but David pegged out his front ball with the other for Rover and then held out to pick up the Woodlands Trophy.

Burnett beat Ken Cooper +13
Dave Nick beat Rigge +22TP
Lines beat Ray Lowe +24
Winn beat David Barrett +18

Lines bt Nick +23STP
Lowe bt Rigge +3T<
Burnett bt Winn +5
Cooper bt Barrett +2T

Lines bt Rigge +26
Nick bt Lowe +2
Burnett bt Barrett +17
Winn bt Cooper +13

Burnett bt Lowe +24TP
Lines bt Barrett +26TP
Winn bt Nick +16
Cooper bt Rigge +9

Rigge bt Burnett +1T
Lines bt Cooper +18TP
Winn bt Lowe +1T
Nick bt Barrett +2

Nick bt Burnett +5
Winn bt Lines +6
Cooper bt Lowe +2T
Rigge bt Barrett +6

Lines bt Burnett +26 TP
Cooper bt Nick +11
Winn bt Rigge +17
  Alan Mayne bt Elmyr Hughes +3T
John Wastell bt Barbara Young +3
David Walters bt John Wilkinson +15
Mark Lloyd bt Ken Anderton +16T

Wastell bt Lloyd +8T
Anderton bt Hughes +1T
Wilkinson bt Young +5T
Walters bt Mayne +17

Walters bt Wastell +3
Lloyd bt Mayne +12
Wilkinson bt Anderton +2T
Hughes bt Young +2T

(Hughes and Young withdrew)

Walters bt Anderton +16
Lloyd bt Wilkinson +16
Mayne bt Wastell +4T

Walters bt Lloyd +2
Mayne bt Anderton +20
Wilkinson/Wastell snow stopped play
2008 Honours;    
Internal - Competitions    
Full Lawn Association Advanced Winner - Paul Rigge Runner-up Tony Phillips
Full Lawn Handicap Winner - Paul Kenworthy Runner-up Margaret Anderson
Short Lawn Handicap Winner - Tony Phillips Runner-up Colleen Folkin
Golf Croquet 13 point Winner - Paul Rigge Runner-up Barbara Gillar
Golf Croquet 13 point High Hcp Winner - Pam Hunter Runner-up Joan Langridge
Club North West Federation Runners up in Advanced, Hcp & Golf.
'Fun' - Competitions    
Fun Doubles Winner - Graham Saunders & Joan Langridge  
Golf Doubles Winner - Sheila Bruckshaw & Barbara Giller  
Hosted Open - Competitions    
Ten Minute Winner -    
Flamingoes Winner -    
Ten Minute Golf Winner - Sheila Bruckshaw  
Joker - Golf Winner - Sheila Bruckshaw  
Straight Line Golf Winner - Eric Charters (Culcheth)  
Bonus Golf Winner - Ros Pimlott (Bowdon)  


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